Could Toxic Overload Be a Root Cause of Fibromyalgia & CFS?

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Toxic overload and toxic body burden is a HUGE white elephant for people struggling with health issues (and even not struggling with health issues – yet).  Could toxic overload be a root cause of fibromyalgia and CFS? What do you think?

Angry, Enraged & Dismayed

I feel it is important to share my journey with you…

By fluke (is there such a thing?), one day I happened to come across toxic overload syndrome in my ongoing research to find answers (and help) for fibromyalgia and CFS.

I started to research more about toxicity and toxic overload syndrome, and let me tell you…I was shocked. In fact, ‘angered, enraged and beyond dismayed’ are words that spring to mind…

In fact, my new mantra is…

‘Just because something is for sale or prescribed does not make them SAFE!’

Toxic Overload – What You Really Need to Know

Toxic overload is real folks.

Unless you live in the remote Amazon and don’t have any contact with plastics, your lakes and streams are clean and drinkable for at least a 5 mile radius… and you are eating food that has not been tampered with in any way or using any man-made products… then there’s a high chance that you are dealing with toxicity issues and you don’t even know it.

Toxic Overload Syndrome Symptoms

The following are just a few of the many symptoms of toxic overload syndrome:

  • Fatigue (Your liver is working overtime trying to function and deal with toxic sludge, on top of heavy metal and fungal (mould) toxicity issues)
  • Pain  (Inflammation caused by toxicity and poor gut health – parasites (which are toxins) love to live in our guts and millions of us are plagued and don’t even know it)
  • Sleep Issues (fungus, heavy metals)
  • Hormonal Issues (toxicity affects cortisol and endocrine disruptors affects estrogen/testosterone)
  • IBS (Your digestive system will be completely out of whack in coping with toxic sludge)
  • Mood (On top of dealing with all the above issues, anxiety, depression and even bi-polar and autism have been related to toxicity issues (as has Alzheimer’s and cancer)

Go here for  a full list of toxic overload syndrome symptoms.

Take the How Toxic Are You Quiz  to find out your toxicity score!

Just a FEW shocking facts:

  • An Environmental Working Group study found that the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies had 287 toxic chemicals and pollutants.  In other words, we are BORN TOXIC.
  • The average woman is subjected to 515 toxic, synthetic chemicals in their everyday body care products. EVERY SINGLE DAY.  From aluminum in our deoderant to industrial strength degreasing products in makeup remover and everything you cannot begin to imagine, in between.
  • There’s more than 80,000 chemicals currently used in the United States, most haven’t been adequately tested for their effects on human health – and those that have, and have shown massive health issues? They’re still for sale – without as much as a consumer warning on the label…And they are in EVERYTHING!

Tbh …I started getting overwhelmed at how far this ‘toxic rabbit hole’ really goes..

A few places toxins are lurking:

  • Food (toxic chemicals in preservatives, flavour enhancers, sweeteners, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides to name a few)
  • Water (heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, not to mention fluoride)
  • Body care products (aluminum & a slew of 1000s of untested chemicals)
  • Plastics aka water bottles/food containers (Bisphenol A (BPA) & phthalates (known endocrine (hormone) disruptors)

Toxins are anything that is not natural and in harmony with your body.  They consist of parasites, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and pollutants, bacteria and viruses as well as fungus (mould).



Our Bodies Haven’t Evolved to Cope with 80,000 Toxic Pollutants

Our bodies haven’t evolved in 200 years since the industrial revolution.  We can’t cope with the 80,000 toxic chemicals and pollutants in our everyday lives…unheard of conditions such as fibromyalgia and CFS didn’t exist until recently and Alzheimer’s and cancer levels have reached epidemic levels, perhaps it is because we are TOXIC?’.

And then there’s the old, ‘a picture says a thousand words’.  I am sorry if this picture offends you…

Yikes! Toxic Poop!

Did you know that our bodies can store up to 25lbs of toxic poop?  I am guessing you have come across Leaky Gut Syndrome, which causes a myriad of health issues.


That toxins love to live in fat? (Struggling with weight loss? It could be your meds, but it could also be due to toxicity issues!).

Just eating a high level mercury fish (tuna, swordfish, mackerel, shark, prawns) once a week and you’ll have toxic mercury in your system…and then there’s the whole issue with the fillings in our teeth.

Let me be clear…when your dentist has a ‘toxic waste’ container to throw out the stuff used in your fillings…yet, somehow that’s safe to have in your body?  Is that not a cause for concern?  Yet, we have just ACCEPTED THIS AS OK???!!!

In fact, Amalgam fillings in your mouth are known far and wide to be toxic and making people sick!  Yet, they are still be widely used, correct?  (Are you seeing how deep the toxic rabbit hole goes? And how it’s right in front of your nose (and in your mouth?).

Also, toxins rob your body of nutrients and are a huge cause of nutrient deficiency (as many people have with fibromyalgia and CFS).

What to Do About Your Toxic Body Burden

So now you have possibly realised that you are dealing with toxicity issues. Now what?!

Factors to consider are swapping plastic food containers for glass, eating organic, eating clean unprocessed foods (including not eating tinned foods like fruits and veg), kicking out wheat, gluten and sugar, choosing organic, natural body care products and even making your own household cleaners.

READ LABELS.  If there is something in there that has a long name, you can’t pronounce it, lettering and numbering or just something you have no idea what it is – chances are, there could be an issue with it.  Google it.  Follow the mantra ‘just because it’s for sale or prescribed does not mean it’s safe’.


You can eat clean, organic food, use natural body care products etc., swap all your plastic food and water containers for plastic…

But you are never going to be ‘toxin free’.

That’s why most functional health experts recommend doing a detox a few times a year – to not only get rid of the crud that’s built up in your body over the years, but to maintain a healthier you.

Let me put it this way…you can eat all the organic food you want but if you don’t detox, I refer to it like ‘wallpapering over dry rot’!  (When you find out like I have, that even recycled toilet paper has the endocrine disruptor BPA in it..and your organic veg you bought at the shop is wrapped in BPA plastic, then, believe me, there’s no getting away from it all…).

Do a Gentle Detox

Te Divina - a healthier detox tea

Te Divina – a Healthier Detox Tea

It’s important to get your body back to good health and to heal, and detoxing allows for just this.

If you are interested in finding out about the detox that I have done (and continue to do) and recommend, then check out the honest review I have done on Te Divina Detox Tea. (ps.  this tea could seriously change your life).

I chose this particular detox because it was gentle, I could still eat REAL FOOD, and the health benefits of the ingredients such as the ‘king and queen’ of medicinal mushrooms – ganoderma and chaga, sold me.  (As did the price, which worked out to $10 a week! And the vast number of testimonials from people finding it improved fatigue, brain fog, pain, digestive issues, weight loss and much more).


I am not a doctor and I am certainly not giving medical advice.  In saying this, I do have a huge interest in fibromyalgia and CFS and have spent 9 years researching it in order to help heal myself and provide information to people just like you.

I personally think that fibromyalgia and CFS aren’t just  specific all-encompassing illnesses – but we’re dealing with a vast amount of health issues here – with a blanket diagnosis (and being fobbed off, to boot…).  I am certainly not saying what we’re going through doesn’t exist regarding the pain, the fatigue, the IBS and other health issues – far from it!  The question is, ‘what’s actually causing these issues?!’.

I do believe that there is overwhelming evidence that points to toxic overload as a key contributing factor and a potential root cause of fibromyalgia and CFS, as toxicity affects everything from brain fog to mood and pain to fatigue and sleep issues.  To me, it just makes sense!  What do you think? Please comment below.


  1. You are definitely on to something when you speak of the toxicity issue.

    However, there is a whole ‘nother piece to this puzzle that you are leaving out. Keep in mind, you will not hear about this in any doctor’s office anywhere. Overwhelming evidence suggests if you suffer from conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, that at some point you were exposed to borrelia, the spirochete organism responsible for causing “Lyme disease.” Currently, it is estimated that approximately 40 million people are currently without a correct diagnosis in America alone.

    Borrelia actually causes B cell AIDS. Where HIV affects T cells, borrelia affects B cells. These organisms shed an outer surface protein called OSpA, which is a fungal antigen. The immune system is shut down by these antigens, leaving us unable to fight off any pathogen we come in contact with. The end result is post-sepsis syndrome. The toxic overload that results from this is what is responsible for our symptoms. Visit for more information.

    Also, check out these symptoms of Post-Sepsis and see how many coincide with fibromyalgia/CFS/ME:

    Insomnia, difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep
    Nightmares, vivid hallucinations and panic attacks
    Disabling muscle and joint pains
    Extreme fatigue
    Poor concentration
    Decreased mental (cognitive) functioning
    Loss of self-esteem and self-belief

    1. Author

      Hi Courtney, thank you for your comment!

      Actually, I will take it even further regarding Lyme disease and borrelia, because it goes beyond that as well – everything from toxoplasmosis to thousands of other types of parasites. Toxoplasmosis alone is affecting around 60 million Americans.

      Here is my blog regarding this:

      We drink this particular cleansing tea EVERY SINGLE DAY…We have seen ‘evidence’ regarding worms passing, smell metals coming out of our pores, green slime…and all sorts of other goodies as well. (I also lost 36 inches in 3 months using the tea and eating clean – as toxins love to live in fat…).

      This is the tea:

      I know of many people using the tea and a detox protocol of eating plant-based, organic, soy, gluten and sugar free (all that is left by now is organic lettuce! lol) and also increasing their supplements, healing their gut health with kefir and sauerkraut and many more things.

      For myself, I am healing doing the above… I gave up on conventional medicine several years (and 40 pills a day) ago. I *knew* that there were root causes that the health system was disinterested and certainly far from educated in, for many reasons – mainly profit driven as far as I can see.

  2. Yes I suffered for four years, had to stop working, had no social life and all my friends deserted me. Mine was definitely toxic overload, after years of spending hundreds of pounds to find a cure I tried Ozone therapy which after six months of sessions just zapped all the bad things in my body, I also had lymphatic drainage. I now body brush daily and don’t even take an aspirin. I was on a handful of meds a day. I’ve not felt so good for five years. I work part time and inbetween swim and go up the gym.

  3. I have just found out today that I have toxoplasmosis igG and iigM present in my blood test done by a Dermatology consultant, I have Fibromyalgia and two haemangiomas in my lumbar vertebrae, and nerve damage.

    also today my mum has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer in her Brain and lungs and dementia.
    she has a smallholding with chickens, horses and rats on it, and she has always had cats and dogs.
    could they have got the diagnosis wrong and she could have the same infection/symptoms as I have had for thre years?

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