3 Top Tips to Reduce Catching Cold & Flu Bugs

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Preparing for cold & flu season is important in order to reduce infection, and this year’s Australian flu is holding no prisoners! Here are 3 top tips to reduce cold & flu bugs listed below.

For those of us with auto immune conditions, such as Lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and CFS/ME (to name a few), we know all too well how easy it is to catch everything that is making the rounds.

Chronic Pain + Colds & Flu = Hell…

Obviously, being unwell sucks big time.  But when you are in chronic pain and have auto immune conditions, where you are most likely exhausted already, things like coughing, sneezing, throwing up (you get the picture) just makes everything worse…

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12-in-1 Award Winning Health Tracker App

Not to mention the fact that the illnesses tend to last much longer, turn into nasty chest, ear and throat infections – and for many of us we go into a flare up.

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1. Build Up Your Immune System

Firstly, by ensuring that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals you are being proactive which also means being preventative!

So…bone up on your vitamins!  (Please note – vitamins and minerals you pick up at your local grocery store are most likely not the best quality…or as effective as other stuff available…just saying… 🙂 ).

Vitamin C and D3, magnesium  (Find out more about the importance of magnesium by clicking here – it can help with insomnia, restless legs and many other symptoms you might think are fibromyalgia/CFS/ME related, but are actually magnesium deficiency symptoms!).

Also, zinc…and take and extra hit of it if you feel you are coming down with a bug.  Here is a product that has zinc as well as vitamin C.

Eat fresh fruit and veg, proteins and foods with lots of garlic, ginger, onions, turmeric and cinnamon. This way you have a fighting chance by boosting your immune system.

A Truly Incredible Immune Booster…

The one thing that I have done to boost my immune system is that I use Te Divina Tea every day.

It helps with brain fog, fatigue, inflammation, sleep and much more – and it gently cleanses the liver of heavy metals, parasites, fungus, bacteria and viruses as well as impurities – in other words, all the crud we experience on a daily basis!  

#1 Best Selling Detox Tea - Te Divina Detox Tea

Te Divina Detox Tea – #1 Best Selling Detox Tea

I cannot recommend this tea enough.  In fact, it has changed my life and my health!

Te Divina has ingredients that are well-researched anti-oxidants (cancer fighters) and anti-inflammatory properties – ganoderma and chaga mushrooms.

It also has ingredients that has numerous potential health benefits. Check out these benefits here.

Knock on wood, I have not had the colds and flu that continues to make the rounds…even in our home (for the non-tea users!).  Just have a cup in the morning and another at night – for $10 a week! (Plus shipping…ps, it ships globally, too!).

I also have made this remedy for the sick people in my life – with great success, using this tea.  Like we are talking tonsils that were the size of golf balls, with a fever…to being able to work…the next day 80% recovered. Seriously!

Get Your Gut Health Groove Back

Increasing amounts of research are showing that our health – both good and bad – begins in the gut.  If you have been on antibiotics in the past, chances are they have wiped out a lot of your healthy gut bacteria, allowing for the bad stuff to move in – and ultimately lowering your immune resistance.

For more information on how to improve your gut health, naturally, go here.

2. Wash Your Hands

The CDC advises that just washing your hands with plain soap and clean running water is a key step people should take to avoid getting sick as well as to prevent spreading infection on to other people.

If you are unable to easily access soap and water, then using a hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol based is the next best thing.

 Top Places To Get Germs

*Shopping cart handles

*ATM/Card machine in stores

*Bannisters and door handles in public places

*Doctor’s offices and pharmacies (obviously!)

*Schools – the breeding ground for germs – so make sure your kids are also being vigilant for washing their hands, too.

3.  First Defence!

Although I am leaning more and more towards natural remedies, Vick’s First Defence is something I carry with me – EVERYWHERE.

The moment I feel that niggle…you know, the throat starts to get scratchy or sore, or your nose is started to get stuffy…I take this stuff.  Religiously.

The Flu Shot:  To Jab or Not to Jab (I am actually not listing this as a tip…)

Get a flu jab!  Or so the signs are all over the place…even in the grocery stores, schools…you name it.  Wow. Big Pharma sure is doing great at the whole marketing thing and spending millions to ensure you are feeling that you MUST get this shot.

Here is more information regarding why the flu shot is actually worse than getting the flu…and the counter argument for  getting the flu shot here.

What I can tell you is that in regards to this year’s Australian flu, the flu shot has been proven as being ineffective...

The thing you also need to be aware of is that the shot you get may not cover you for the virus that ends up making the rounds. (see above link about the ineffectiveness of the jab…)

Do your research.  Weigh up the odds and make a decision – an educated one. (Please note, I am not advising you to not have the flu shot…!).

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What do you think? Yes or no to the flu shot?


Check out our Ultimate Cold & Flu Kit in regards to some good things to have to hand when the winter beasts strike this year!

I hope that you have found these 3 top tips to reduce cold & flu bugs helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any other tips you wish to share!


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