Top 5 Best Sleep Products for Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME & Chronic Pain

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Can’t sleep. Too much pain. Can’t relax. Want to SCREEAAAAM!

When it comes to comfortable bedding, I am known in some parts as ‘The Princess & The Pea’…That’s why I thought I would share with you about my top 5 sleep products for fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and chronic pain.

Is a Poor Quality of Sleep Affecting Pain, Brain Fog and Depression/Anxiety?

You had better believe it does!  Here is an article by the National Institute of Health – albeit it is about osteoarthritis, the principle still applies.  Getting a good sleep is paramount!

Sleep Can Be a Gut Health Issue – Seriously

As more and more research comes to light in regards to our gut health, one of the many interesting studies has shown the correlation between our guts, our microbial system and our overall health – and sleep itself.

In other words, healing our guts is actually dealing with a key root cause for many of our health issues, including sleep, as well as pain and inflammation, IBS, fatigue, brain fog and so much more.

Sleep issues also have to do with toxicity and toxic overload – which also is connected to gut health.

Heavy metals, fungus and parasites are just 3 toxins that can affect your sleep.

This blog contains affiliate links where a small commission is earned should you proceed to purchase.  Please know that the price of the product has not been increased or inflated to cover this commission – the cost of the item is the same regardless, just with a small ‘thank you’ to us for referring it to you!

Cleansing is Imperative

Sleep issues actually are a component of toxic overload and toxicity.  And if you don’t think you’re toxic, think again. We’re BORN toxic and are exposed on average to 515 toxic chemicals. A DAY.  In our body care products ALONE.  And if you don’t think this screws up your health – and your sleep?! Think again!

That’s why cleansing/detoxing isn’t a fad folks.  In fact, it is an imperative necessity these days.  Seriously.

My recommendation is for an incredible (and pleasant tasting) gentle cleanse called Te Divina Detox Tea.

I call this tea my ‘miracle tea’ – as it has literally changed my health – and subsequently my life.  Honestly.

  • Te Divina Detox Tea

  • All-natural, vegan, gluten-free, organic
  • Pleasant Tasting
  • Eat REAL food whilst cleansing (no surviving on kale smoothies!)
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure
  • Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti viral
  • Kicks out heavy metals, parasites, impurities, bacteria, fungus and more
  • 26 Health Benefits

This tea goes FAR beyond any other detox out there, and I can’t recommend it enough after my own experience and seeing countless others benefit in a vast number of ways in almost immediate improvement of their  many health issues.

Buy Te Divina Detox Tea HERE.

By cleansing your liver and guts, it allows for many, many benefits, including nutrients to be absorbed into your system better – which can affect sleep.

Heal yourself first!  And a good sleep will happen.  Seriously. And WITHOUT DRUGS  – naturally.  Honest.

And at $10 a week, (so less than a cup of coffee shop coffee  a day) you can start start feeling better – fast.  (Ps. Te Divina is also excellent to kickstart weight loss – I lost 13lbs in 11 days!

Mattresses Matter!

Finding a comfortable mattress is of course the key component to ensuring you are getting the support and comfort you require.  I highly recommend if you can physically try a mattress first before buying…and if that is impossible, make sure that if you buy a mattress/mattress topper online that there is a full refund policy if you are not happy. A mattress should be replaced every 7 years according to the Sleep Council.

For me, one of the biggest things that made a difference has been our N:Rem Sleep System mattress. It’s brilliant!


The mattress comes with several different foam densities, allowing you to personally adjust for your requirements from soft to very firm.  And the great thing is, your bed buddy can adjust to fit their preferences separately!

The N:Rem Sleep System has a fantastic 100 day trial and it is £1 a day to buy – no matter what size!  And with a 100 night trial and a 10 year guarantee?  At £1 a day – well, all I can tell you is it’s been a life-changer (or a sleep changer lol!) for hubby and me.

This mattress is only available in the UK – please mention the Voucher ‘FIBROMAPP’ and get a £30 discount on the N:Rem Sleep System Website.

(Check out the different colours of foam indicating the different firmness levels – all easy to adjust and lock into place when you have a look on their website.  Extremely simple and clever!!!).

Getting the right mattress is ultimately huge component to your health and well-being as sleep is one of the best healers in the world!

Here are my top 5 faves for getting a good sleep!

  1.  The Chronic Pain (Maternity!) Pillow

    One of the best investments that I have made this year is buying a maternity pillow.   No, I’m not pregnant, but yes, I sure need comfort and support!

My favourite pillow in the world!

My favourite pillow in the world!

I have turned my pillow around so that there is an area to go under my legs to support and take the pressure off my lower back and hips.

So far, after a year of constant use, this pillow continues to hold it’s loft!  Plus I love how it cradles me and provides support, even lying on my side.

Several of my friends have purchased body pillows…but the biggest issue is taking the cover off to change it. (One friend said it took her AND her mother close to 15 minutes to change hers – and it wiped her out!).


  • No repositioning during the night, simply turn from side to side
  • Hour glass inner curves snug and support your entire back and belly
  • Aligns hips for neutral joint positioning
  • Ideal for sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome

If you are in the UK, then the pillow here is the Sanggol – excellent quality. In the USA, the S2BMOM is similar and has excellent reviews, too.

2.  Bamboo Sheets

Struggle with feeling too hot? Bamboo sheets are what folks are raving about. Super soft and nice and cool, too!

They feel like satin, they’re so super soft…but breathable, light and airy and ohhhh so comfortable!!

  • HYPOALLERGENIC & STAIN RESISTANT – hypoallergenic, stain resistant, fade resistant, and wrinkle resistant. Say goodbye to dust mites, wrinkles, and tedious tasks like ironing, and hello to cozy, soft, and comfortable bedding!
  • EASY CARE & MACHINE WASHABLE – machine washable and easy to care for. Plus, they stay fresh, cool, and dust mite free between washes! 

These sheets stay cool in the summer and cosy and warm in the winter.

In one word – AWESOME!

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3.  The Chillow Pillow

Studies have shown that cooling our heads has been shown to help us get to sleep faster and longer.  I know for myself, having a cool head in using either one of these packs or just ice packs at the base of my head help my insomnia quite remarkably.

Personally, anything that is not medication related and that can do the job naturally, with no side effects, is my kind of product!

As well, people with CFS/ME find that it can really help them relax and sleep due to potentially reducing swelling of the brain.

  • Cotton
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Relieves Night Sweats, Hot Flashes, Back Aches, Sore Feet, Fever, Restless Legs, Sunburn, Migraines & more
  • Glove Leather soft exterior instantly cooling to skin – no latex or hard nylon/polyester
  • Cool Soft Memory Foam feel, not hard like gel products which heat up, feel hard, grow stiff over time and cannot disperse heat consistently
  • Large full pillow size, No electricity needed
  • USA Made material, non- toxic, no overseas toxic material or undisclosed gel ingredients

The pillow is available on  and

4. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

  For many of us with fibromyalgia and CFS/ME we can be sensitive to smell – in both ways.  We can smell things when nobody else can it seems!

For me, having soothing scents in our bedroom really helps me to sleep. (My husband sleeps the moment his head hits the pillow – #jealous).

Setting ‘the mood’ for getting a good sleep is imperative.

For me, if I am able to, having a hot soak in the bath with my Kneipp Valerian & Hops herbal bath, with the lights off, candles on and this aromatherapy  oil diffuser going in the bedroom, so when I am finished with my bath it’s time to easily chillax.

One of my favourite oils that makes the whole house feel clean and fresh has got to be lemongrass oil.


5.  Buckwheat Pillow

In trying all sorts of pillows over the past few years, I always went back to my tried and true friends…of the feathered variety.  (In fact, I still have the pillows I had when I moved away to school 25 years ago!).

Problem was cleaning them was a nightmare. (Feathers EVERYWHERE in the dryer…all over the house!) and my husband started to get blocked up and coughing during the night…which stopped immediately when I replaced the feather pillows with this organic buckwheat pillow.

We love how they contour around our necks and shoulders giving support just where it is needed…and the ability to adjust the amount of filling makes this pillow excellent.

You can also remove some of the buckwheat easily, should you find that the pillow is too high for you.

And as an added bonus and addendum to this blog… a cheeky Number 6…

6. Sleep N’Lose Sleep (and Weight Loss) Supplement

Sleep N Lose Vida Divina

Imagine losing weight while you sleep?!

Imagine losing weight AND also getting a better sleep? Naturally?!  Who wouldn’t want that?!

Sleep n’ Lose does just that.

And it’s non-habit forming and has 2 purposes – 1 as a nighttime sleep aid and 2 with a patent pending  formula you can use to help with weight loss should you wish (yes, you should still eat healthy, clean food though!).  #awesome

In fact, combined with the Te Divina Detox Tea (from the same company), I lost 30lbs and 34 inches in 8 weeks, eating real food (clean eating) and was able to go off of all my meds (with my doctor’s  guidance, of course) including amitriptyline for sleep issues due to fibromyalgia, as mentioned above.

Sleep N’ Lose ships pretty much globally and is available here.

A Final Tip!

If you are anything like me (and most people I know), my night table has a mobile/cell phone charging, my tablet, my Kindle as does my husband’s side of the table.  Radio frequencies abound when we do not shut these things off!

Have you ever noticed when you are near a radio and a text message comes in or you send one and it makes weird sounds on your mobile? Image result for no mobile phones

Guess what?  These radio frequencies are really affecting our sleep!  For more information on how this affects us, please check out EMF & Radio Frequencies.

Try switching everything off before you go to bed – including your bed buddy’s stuff – these waves really do interfere with our sleep.  If charging the battery – move the phone/tablet to another room to do so.

You might find that this also helps improve your sleep!

No, you aren’t going to stop them completely, but at least they are not beside your head and in bed!

Last But Not Least

One thing that you may not already know about sleep (and the lack thereof) – is that opiates (morphine, codeine, tramadol etc) can cause insomnia.  At the beginning they might knock you out, and then sneakily cause insomnia down the road – so you might never correlate the cause!

So there you have it!  My top 5 best products to help you sleep and get comfortable for fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and chronic pain!


  1. Thanks for this I will try some of these. I can’t get cool enough at night. I use a gel pillow already but it heats up to fast so will try the ice packs. I use a wet facecloth on my brow every night.
    Never heard of a wheat pillow but will look into it.
    What is the coolest bed type that you know about please.

    1. Author

      Hi there! I also struggle to get cool (hence the fan going in January in our bedroom 24/7). Placing ice packs on the back of your neck I find can really help to cool down. The KoolPaks I find are the best ones – they keep frozen the longest – and freeze very quickly as well. I am currently awaiting a mattress topper that is designed for chronic pain, arriving on Friday, so I will be keeping everyone posted as to the verdict! Keeping cool and comfortable during the night is so important to be able to get a better night’s sleep. Oh! The other thing that can cool you down is to run your wrists (hands turned up) under cold water for a few minutes. Hope these help a bit! A.x

  2. So sad to learn that they will not deliver buckwheat pillow to the U.S. Any ideas??

    1. Author

      Hi there! That’s probably because they are HEAVY! And would cost more to send over than the pillow itself! However…you are in luck! Here’s a link to ones that are in the States. This one is available next day delivery if a Prime member on Amazon – there are others that are more expensive. (This one is from China – but has excellent reviews and a fraction of the price of other ones!).

    2. Author

      Hi Marilee – I have updated the link on this page for a buckwheat pillow if you are still interested.

    1. Author

      Hi Sarah! I have updated the page with the correct link. Thank you so much for letting me know!

  3. Thank you for all your ideas on to a better sleep. I already use a cool gel pillow and a mattress topper with cooling gel in it as well. I have my heater vent shut off and the ceiling fan on and the window open about 4 to 6 inches to keep me cool. I would love to get the sheets you mentioned and the buckwheat pillow. Plus in the summer I have a tall fan at the foot of my bed.

    1. Author

      Awww! Glad to be of help. I hear you re the fan situation. I have mine going most days and nights in the bedroom (whilst my husband huddles up under the electric blanket on his side). 🙂

  4. I’m definitely looking to try the chillow pillow. I suffer really bad night sweats. Especially the last six hours before my Fentanyl is due to be changed. This might help me sleep better. Thanks, from a fellow spoonies xox

    1. Author

      Hallo! Hope it helps. I hate night sweats (and day sweats!). Ice packs wrapped in a towel and placed at the Base of your skull can help. I use the Koolpak ones. The freeze quickly and stay frozen for a lot longer. I have two so can easily rotate them. X

  5. Thank u for this, I am definitely going to give the maternity pillow a go as not only do I suffer with Fibro, I have DDD (degenerative disc disease) in my lumber spine aswel so I think the pillow will really help me. Can I also ask what the colour changing fragrance pic u posted is called & how it works as I wouldnt mind trying that too please.
    Kind regards
    Your fellow spoonie
    Nikki x

      1. Brill thank u hun. Will look forward to reading your next blog.
        Wish u a great low pain day too. Take care

  6. Hi me again, sorry I have just looked and clicked on the pic of the colour changing mist thingy and it took me to Amazon but what I was wondering is if that company ships to the UK and also if they do, this item is going to have a US plug on the end of it isn’t it so it won’t fit UK plug sockets? X

    1. Author

      Hi there! Thank you so much for your comments! Ok, in regards to the oil diffuser, here is the link for the UK It’s great that you are looking at doing things to help relax you and to get a better sleep! Yay! I am just getting ready to write another blog on this subject and this time will do UK products (as that is where we are based – we just have a large US audience, hence the US Amazon stuff!). Hope you have a great low pain day! A.x

  7. Regarding your bath problem I may have a solution that works for my coccyx. I use a bath cushion from Putnams, it has suckers on the bottom to secure it to the bath. It’s inflatable so you can adjust how much resistance you require. I also have one of their cushions for use out & about to remove coccyx pressure.

    1. Author

      That sounds awesome Natalie! I used to have a cushion…but the material on it ripped and the suction cups never worked…and I ended up going for a flyer in the tub most of the time! Finding products that make a difference and help us have ‘normal’ and every day experiences really helps! Thank you for your comment. A.x

  8. Hello! Thank you so much for the great information! I’m definitely going to look into the maternity pillow, sheets and oil diffuser. I seem to be cold more often, ice packs hurt me. I would rather be warm, so the colder months are not my favorite. With that being said I seem to be spending more time in bed. I was wondering if anyone has come across a desk type thing that could function over your bed? I use my laptop and I like to draw and scrapbook when I’m able. But sitting at an actual desk is not an option. I also have fibromyalgia/CFS, and neuropathy, lupus and MS. Thank you so much and wishing you all a low pain day !! <3

    1. Author

      Hi there! Thank you so much for your comment! (I love comments!!!). I definitely hear you in regards to finding a ‘good desk type thing’ (in fact that is all I use as I am pretty much bed bound myself!). Finding something that is light and comfortable for your lap is important. The one that I have is this one I find it very comfortable and the light worked for a while – but not long. In saying that, the desk part is still functional. However (!) when this one finally bites the bullet (and so far, it is very sturdy after a year), this is the one that is on my WishList!:) I hope that you have a good, pain free day. A.x

  9. I was just wondering if anyone has tried the Snoozle? I believe it helps if you have back problems and want to turn in bed….

    1. Author

      Hi there, I haven’t, but I recall seeing it on the web and recall it was quite pricey…I just had a look for the Snoozle on Amazon and couldn’t find it, however I did find this sheet that seems to work the same way – and it is just £8.60!

  10. A hospital desk or laptop cart type table has worked great for me. Just do a search on Amazon for hospital table and you will find a whole variety for reasonable prices.

  11. We have this amazing new mattress and I can’t explain it. It is a no pressure mattress. I wake up with no pressure pain only from my hands falling asleep under my pillow. But that is more my fault. If you want to see this amazing mattress go to and watch the video. It’s hilarious but by the end it will amaze you. Now if only I could find a way to fix my pain while I am awake!

  12. My husband purchased a ‘My Pillow’ for both of us about 1 1/2yr. For 25+ years I have struggled with finding a good pillow that would not increase my pain. From the first night using ‘My Pillow’ I have not had any extra pain due to ‘My Pillow’. It is machine washable & dryable. Yes I have W&D mine in a normal W&D and it worked fine (front load washer might would work better). Try it…

    1. Author

      Awesome! Sounds like you found a winner that’s really making a difference for you! I know my U shaped maternity pillow has been life changing, too! Glad to read that you found something that helps. I found it on Amazon, if anybody else is interested – here is the link!

  13. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009. When my husband and I moved from Washington state to Kansas we needed to get an extra bed. My sister took me to the Sleep Number Company. I swear I have got some of my best sleep ever!! We got the King split, head and feet both raise up, also has massage. You can set you firmness where you need it! Plus I got the cool jell pads for both sides. I also like the pillows you can buy. I also fell in love with the bamboo sheets. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

    1. Author

      That’s awesome that you have found a bed and bedding that you notice a huge difference with, Debbie! Our sleep – and subsequently our mattresses/bedding is so critical for our overall health. Thanks for sharing this with us!!!! (I shall investigate the bamboo sheets – sounds intriguing!). A.x

  14. Hi,
    I am currently trying a Tempur ‘Cloud’ mattress with protector and pillow. I have spent thousands of pounds on beds, mattresses and pillows over the years.
    Tempur offer a 100 night trial, on the mattress, which is going to be helpful.
    I only have a 4 tog duvet on the bed and if it’s I cold use a blanket or throw.
    I never have the heating on in the room and always have an open window unless it’s raining hard. I also sleep in just knickers and cotton vest, to help with unfettered turning and no creases to inflict pain.
    At this moment, one month in- the mattress is being well tolerated. I have used a king size pillow case to ensure the pillow has room to spread. Hopefully this time I may have chosen the secret to successful sleep and pain relief at night. I will also give the bamboo sheets a go.

    1. Author

      Hi Beverley! So awesome that you have found a mattress that has made a difference for you. A good mattress (and bedding!) truly makes all the difference in the world. Just out of curiousity, do you find that you are hot with this mattress? I have admittedly not gone down the memory foam route because i am always roasting (fan on in January, no heat on…window open! lol). Bamboo sheets rock! Thank you so much for your comment, most appreciated. Alyssa x

  15. My oil difuser vapoziser arrived yesterday and I need to say- thumbs up! Like the touch sense buttons and spouting mist.

    1. Author

      Awesome!!!!!Glad you like it! It actually acts as a little humidifier too – perfect for the winter when our homes (and bodies!) get so dried out from the heating! Enjoy! (What oil have you tried with it?) A.x

  16. God bless you Alyssa for taking the time and effort to put this information together so well. To know that you are feeling like most of us but are keeping up with all of these questions, REPEATS and all. I mean scan the questions before you ask the poor lady people! Also, if she suggests a great product and so graciously includes the links but later on the product is no longer available…theres a little thing called GOOGLE! Use it. Everyone is on here so they have the capability. She did the leg work.
    I wish you nothing but the best Alyssa. Sorry for the rant. xoxo

    Much Love Y’all,


    1. Author

      Dear Princess 🙂 (Hey, that’s my nickname, too…Princess & the Pea!:)). Thank you for your lovely comment. Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to go through to confirm what links are and aren’t working on all the blogs, but I have gone through this blog just now and have not been able to find any that are broken. If you come across any, please do let me know. Ps – nothing wrong with a good rant! (And breathe…lol). A.x

  17. I love the idea of the bamboo sheets. I was just diagnosed with Fibro 8 months ago. So I’m new to all this. I’m pretty sure I’ve had it for over 20 years, but now have progressed to having enough of the symptoms (and bad enough) to get a diagnosis as now it’s interfering with life. I have also gained 30lbs on the cymbalta. So the sleep n lose is something that sounds like a god-send! I am definitely trying that. And also the bamboo sheets as I am always on fire and my hubby is always cold in bed. He hates my fan lol. So hopefully they will provide a comfy balance for us. I also have DDD in my neck and is a problems other sleep so the buckwheat pillow sounds intriguing as well. Thanks so much for the suggestions.
    Another Princess & the Pea,

    1. Author

      Hello fellow Princess! 🙂

      I am so glad that you found this stuff helpful (well, I hope you find them helpful if you try them!). We LOVE the bamboo sheets! And it’s always a disappointment when they aren’t on! lol If interested, do have a look at our sister website – regarding toxicity issues. Believe me, I hear ya regarding all the issues that you’ve briefly mentioned…and believe it or not, they can all be attributed o ne way or anotherto toxicity and toxic overload. There’s a good quiz on there and a 5 day Detox Your Life Course (free!). Obviously, I am not a doctor and this is NOT a diagnosis! 🙂

      After finding out about toxicity and toxic overload, I am CONVINCED this is one of the main root causes of FM. I know all too well about the fan! (Read, I have it going even in December!). Temperature issues such as this can be attributed to our cortisol being out of whack…which can also be attributed in part to toxicity.

      The Te Divina Detox Tea on the Feel Great Now website has turned my life around…seriously.

      Gentle hugs from a fellow warrior. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions – I am always more than happy to help!

      Alyssa x

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