Soy Products: The Evil ‘Health Food’

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What You Really Need to Know About All Soy Products

Tofu,  soya flour, soya protein isolate (found in a lot of protein shakes), soy milk… there is a long list of soy products – none of them are healthy for us.  Many of us think that having that tofu burger instead of chicken is the healthier alternative.  The issue is not only is the tofu burger far from healthy, the chicken most likely is pumped full of soy protein as well. Here’s the truth about soy products – the evil ‘health food’.

All soy products are derived from the legume that is the soy bean. High in phytoestrogens, you might think that it is an excellent alternative to help regulate your hormones and even decrease flare ups.  But there are much better alternatives in regards to food that are a heck of a lot healthier.


  1. Soybeans contain a large quantity of natural toxins otherwise known as“antinutrients”.  There are are potent enzyme inhibitors which block the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for the digestion of proteins.
  2. The GMO of it all…99% of soy is genetically modified and it among the highest contamination by pesticides of any of our foods. If you still want to eat/drink this stuff – organic is your best bet.
  3. Research animals fed these same inhibitors developed enlargement and pathological conditions of the pancreas, including cancer.
  4. Soy products contain high levels of aluminum, this is due to leaching from the aluminum tanks where they are acid washed  (nice!) and processed at high temperatures.
  5. They contain haemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance where red blood cells clump together.
  6. Soybeans are high in phytic acid, which is substance that blocks the uptake of the essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, copper and particularly zinc.  
  7. Soy foods have a high concentration of goitrogens which block production of thyroid hormones.
  8. Carcinogens (cancer causing) nitrates, are created during the spray-drying of soy.
  9. Soy Protein Isolates (found in many protein shakes and bars), have been shown to enlarge the thyroid and pancreas as well as  increase fatty acid deposits in the liver.
  10. A high concentration of goitrogens are in soy foods, which block production of thyroid hormones.

Brace Yourself…Soy Is In EVERYTHING

If you are planning on not having soy in your diet, it goes a lot further than not choosing soy milk for your latte.

Soy is in SO much -it is absolutely shocking. It’s very cheap and is extremely versatile. If you don’t already read labels and you want to cut soy out, never assume things don’t have soy it it!  As well, soy allergies and soy intolerance affects many people.  From bloating to anaphylaxis shock.

Soy can be in everything from tinned tuna to baby formula, cookies to your roast beef dinner. For a full list of what different names soy can go by, click here.

Here are just a few things you would never think soy is in…


In order to increase nutritional value soy fortified pasta is often used. For example, the U.S. National School Lunch Program uses soy-fortified pastas with 15 to 17 percent protein content.

Coffee Whiteners, Pre-Whipped and Liquid Toppings

Firstly, eating a clean diet definitely precludes using these ‘fake’ alternatives for the real thing (cream!). They are LOADED which chemicals…in fact, that is actually all they are – chemicals.

Soy Protein Isolate plays a large role in their making.


Meat, Poultry and Fish

Yep. You read this correctly. Not only is this protein pumped full of salt and water, but soy as well. And I am not talking about just processed chicken dippers here. Whole meat products, too. By adding soy protein to these products, you get better moisture and juiciness, texture, yield, colour and appearance.  It also extends the shelf life.

Baked Goods

Soy protein is used heavily in the manufacturing of cookies, crackers, breads and other baked goods.  By using soy protein it improves texture; holds moisture; creates cake richness; whitens bread; extends shelf-life; reduces breakage and crumbling; enhances nutrition; improves manufacturing, handling and machine ability; and improves mouth feel and overall quality as perceived by the consumer.  You can see what it is used!

Dairy ‘Blends’

Milk and soy milk are combined to used to create a protein content similar to that of which is found in milk and non-fat dry milk. It is used to make sauces, baked goods, meat products and other food products.


Next time you are in the hot cereal aisle (or your cupboard) have a look at the ingredients…chances are soy will be lurking somewhere.  Those breakfast bars and cookies you like with the high protein?  Chances are the protein is indeed soy based.

Protein Bars & Shakes

Soy Protein Isolate features heavily in a lot of these products for it’s high protein. Make sure you read through the ingredients! See above.

There you have it.  The truth behind soy, what it can be in, what it does to our bodies and what to look out for. Soy products are truly the ‘evil health food’ and go way beyond ‘health’ in regards to processed food use.


  1. O. M. G. Is there nothing safe for us to eat any more? If all of this is known about soy, how are companies allowed to add it to all of our foods, is there no regulation here? I switched out milk for soy ‘milk’ and thought I was being super-healthy, but I never thought it could be doing me actual harm. Thanks for your post Alyssa, I will be re-thinking what I’m putting in my mouth from now on.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment Jane. The more I start researching into stuff – from foods to the everyday chemicals we are in contact with (deoderant having aluminium, fluoride in our toothpaste, let alone our water, bleach in our tea bagsmercury in our fillings…It is SHOCKING what is allowed! Don’t get me started! Thing is, you are right – feels like there is nothing safe any more. Organic lettuce grown in shangri-la…It is discouraging and frustrating to know that just because it is for sale or in stuff that it is safe. Yet health and safety has gone overboard?! I don’t get it…(Sorry for the rant…).

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