S2BMOM Pillow Review for Chronic Pain

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S2BMOM Premium Contoured Total Body Pillow / Maternity Pillow / Pregnancy Pillow ( U Shape )

Check out the support this pillow provides!

Getting a good night’s rest can seem elusive when you are struggling with chronic pain issues such as arthritis, back pain, hip pain, fibromyalgia and CFS/ME. However, if you’re not comfortable in your bed and you don’t have good support, then you are setting yourself up for a sleep that can be disturbed and restless and waking up not only unrefreshed but in even more pain! Therefore, having a body pillow such as the S2BMOM can make a huge difference – in fact – it’s like sleeping on a cloud…hence my review! (Ok, yep, it is a maternity pillow, but as you can see, the support it provides is excellent!).

S2BMOM Pillow Review for Chronic Pain

Cheapest Price:  $49.99 Amazon US    UK £44.99 (Sanggol equivalent)
Dimensions: Approximately 60″ X 38″
Outer Cover: 100% Cotton
Inner Cover: 100% Polypropylene
Fill: 100% Polyester
Weight: Approximately 7.4 lbs

Pillowcase: 100% breathable cotton pillowcase is included

Rating: *****

Getting Comfy in Bed

Getting into a comfortable position in bed, when you are in chronic pain, isn’t easy at the best of times, however, finding things that allow you to take the pressure off of areas of pain certainly can help.  The S2BMOM Maternity (and chronic pain!) pillow has certainly made a difference in my sleep – and subsequently – my life.

Almost a year ago, one of my Facebook friends was saying that she bought a full body pillow and it took both her and her mother over 20 minutes to take the pillow case off and put a new one on.  And she was exhausted afterwards…but, she found that that she was much more comfortable in bed and sleeping better because of it.

So, I thought I would have a look on Amazon (my favourite place…ask my husband!).  I came across this pillow and saw the reviews (excellent) in regards to it being used as a maternity and nursing pillow.  After looking at the picture and reading the reviews, I bought one…and never looked back.


  • Uniquely designed to follow the natural shape of the user by cradling the whole body and providing complete 360-degree support for the whole body whilst sleeping.
  • Well shaped around key areas and with soft edges throughout so that it does not dig into any part of the body whilst sleeping
  • Great back support whilst sitting up
  • Good lower back/hip support for putting under your knees
  • Easy to put pillow case on with zipper going around 1/3 of the pillow

Lack of Sleep and Chronic Pain – A Nasty Cycle

It’s a nasty cycle that I know all too well.  Being uncomfortable in bed, in pain and everyone else in the house is sleeping soundly.

And then, finally morning arrives and things need to get done during the day.Sanggol Maternity/Pregnancy Pillow, Body, Nursing and Pain Relief Pillow -Triple Purpose, 360° Total Body, Back and Belly Support ! Comes with 100% Cotton Pillow Case

You can barely move – let alone think straight. (Lack of sleep also causes increased brain fog, concentration and increased irritability to just round out the hell of not sleeping…).

Something had to give…and that, unfortunately was me and my health, both physically and mentally.

Lack of Sleep and Depression/Anxiety

Did the chicken come before the egg or the other way around?  Same thing goes for insomnia and depression and anxiety. People who are depressed and/or have anxiety have a much higher rate of insomnia…and people with insomnia have a much higher rate of depression and/or anxiety.

In fact, there’s evidence to prove that there is a ten-fold risk of people with insomnia developing depression and/or anxiety.

Time To Take Action

After realising that no medications were working for my insomnia (but actually some of them were causing it! (Tramadol is an evil drug and was the cause of a lot of my restless nights!), I realised that it was important to start making my bed as comfortable as possible.

So.  I started with buying this pillow and immediately started to notice a difference in getting more comfortable in bed and sleeping better (and waking up with less pain in my hips and lower back).

Turning Things Upside Down

I actually turned the pillow upside down so that the area that is for my head actually goes under my knees, allowing me to take the pressure off of my hips and coccyx area (an area I know so many of us are soooo tender with).

You can also position the pillow in a variety of different ways, such as an ‘L’ shape, too.

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I love my pillow!  It has maintained it’s loft for close to a year now and it is fairly easy to get the cover off. (I admittedly flip the pillow over every 2nd week instead of putting it through the wash for less hassle).

It’s not only wonderful to lie on my back with, but equally, on my side, taking pressure off of my knees and hips.  I also love how I feel truly cradled in it.  On my side, with my leg over on of the pillow’s ‘legs’ and the pillow’s other ‘leg’ behind my back, I am truly supported.

The down side…well, for me, there hasn’t been one!  However, we do have a king sized bed.  This pillow does take up room! If you have a small bed (as in, there’s 2 of you and you are already smooshed in), this pillow does take up space.

However, the comfort the S2BMOM  pillow provides and the really comfortable 100% cotton, cool and excellent quality pillow case makes it all worth it!

Therefore, I am giving it 5 stars! The quality is excellent, it has stood the test of time, kept it’s loft and, is, well, AMAZING!!!  My quality of sleep has improved dramatically due to this pillow.  And it has certainly helped with my pain, too.

If you are in the UK, the Sanggol maternity pillow is the same shape and size and has excellent reviews and is available here

So the answer is 100% yes, the S2BMOM pillow rocks in regards to chronic pain.  It is comfortable, has maintained it’s loft with pretty much non-stop 24/7 use for over a year.  It’s supportive – in fact, it’s even great to support my laptop! (Hubby and I watch movies with the laptop resting on the pillow and it is just the right height!).


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