100% Organic Oil Of Oregano – Super Strength over 86% Carvacrol – Pharmaceutical Grade Wild Oregano Oil

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MAXIMUM STRENGTH WILD OREGANO OIL: Sourced from the mountains of Greece, the Teliaoils Oregano Oil has an impressive over 86% Carvacrol rating.


Oregano Oil – The Legacy of Natural Health Care From Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks were the first people to recognize the countless health benefits of the oregano spice that was aptly termed as Origanos, meaning “Delight Of The Mountains”.

Now, With The Teliaoils Natural Oregano Oil, You Can Enjoy Its Great Health Benefits Too.

Carvacrol, the most potent phenol of oregano, is extremely soothing, repairing and deep cleansing, providing an effective solution to most common skin conditions.

To permit you to fully take pleasure in this amazing compound, the Teliaoils liquid oregano oil has an impressively high with over 86% Carvacrol rating!

On the other hand, as high levels of Thymol can have negative effects, our oil contains a Low Thymol Rating (less than 2%) to provide its great immune boosting properties without any potential side effects.

One Essential Oil – Endless Health Benefits. 

Featuring the perfect balance of Carvacrol & Thymol, the Teliaoils Greek Oregano Oil among others will let you:

  • Deal with cold symptoms faster
  • Build a stronger immune system
  • Sooth a great number of skin conditions
  • Repair damaged, discolored and brittle nails
  • Improve digestion, help stop diarrhea and intestinal gas
  • Eliminate headaches
  • Fight seasonal discomfort

100% Steam Distilled – Pure Oregano Oil For Aromatic, Topical & Internal Use.

This Therapeutic Grade A essential oil is 100% Certified:

  • Steam Distilled
  • Natural & Organic
  • Free of Preservatives & Alcohol
  • Wild Crafted, Authentic & Fresh

Glass Dropper Included – Order Yours Today!

MAXIMUM STRENGTH WILD OREGANO OIL: Coming from “Origanum Vulgare” sourced from the mountains of Greece, the Teliaoils Oregano Oil has an impressive over 86% Carvacrol rating, which is the most potent powerful phenol found in oregano oil, with impressive deep-cleansing, healing and restoring properties. It also features a low Thymol Rating -less than 2%, as high levels of Thymol can be toxic- that makes our oregano oil a great immune system booster, secure and effective.
UNDILUTED OREGANO OIL FOR ENDLESS USES: Unlike other oregano oil based products that are pre-diluted with more than a few oils, our organic Oregano oil is undiluted so you’ll use it for remedies and blends according to your needs. IMPORTANT: Because of its high potency, oregano oil will have to never be used undiluted.
100% STEAM DISTILLED & CERTIFIED QUALITY: Made in Greece, where the Mediterranean sun and land allow for wild oregano to grow naturally, the Teliaoils oregano essential oil is steam distilled to retain its natural properties to the maximum. Plus, it is 100% Organic and Non-GMO, free of fillers, artificial ingredients, making it the purest choice you’ll make.
THERAPEUTIC GRADE FOR IMPRESSIVE HEALTH BENEFITS: Thanks to its all natural, secure formula our wild-crafted Oregano oil can be taken Aromatically, Topically and Internally. Its widely praised restoring, soothing and antioxidant properties can significantly help with most skin conditions at the same time as it also strengthens the immune system.
ORDER RISK FREE – SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEE: Sign up for the community of thousands happy customers that have successfully used our products to naturally fight stubborn skin conditions and impruve their health. In the unlikely case you aren’t satisfied with the results, Teliaoils offers a cast-iron 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. For healthy skin inside out – Order yours today!

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