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The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy: How to Use Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy for Anti-Aging, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Performance Enhancement, and Brain Optimization


Red Light Therapy — Miracle “Drug”?

If there were a pill that was scientifically proven to help you look 10 years younger, lose fat, toughen hormonal health, fight pain and inflammation, increase strength/endurance, heal faster, toughen your brain health and increase your energy levels, it would be a billion-dollar blockbuster drug.

Inside this book, you’ll be able to learn how to use red/near-infrared light therapy to:

  • Fight skin aging, wrinkles, and cellulite and look 10 years younger
  • Lose fat (nearly twice as with diet and exercise alone)
  • Rid your body of chronic inflammation
  • Fight the oxidative damage that drives aging
  • Increase strength, endurance, and muscle mass
  • Decrease pain
  • Combat hair loss
  • Build resilience to stress at the cellular level
  • Speed up wound/injury healing
  • Combat some autoimmune conditions and toughen hormonal health
  • Optimize your brain function and mood
  • Overcome fatigue and toughen energy levels