Immediate Pain Relief with NO Prescription Drugs for Under 10 Cents!

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If you are like me and you have severe chronic pain, you know how it can affect every aspect of your life from sleep to socializing and everything in between. You have most likely tried everything from over the counter meds to nasty opiates, giving you horrible side effects – and in many cases, not really helping to relieve your pain as you continued to increase the dosage (through your doctor, of course) in attempts to gain relief. For this reason I wanted to share with you about an amazing pain control patch that gives immediate relief without a prescription and for under 10 Cents for:

  • Arthritis
  • Backache
  • Aching all over (hello fibromyalgia!)
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Bruises (I can confirm putting these on bruises heals them faster!)
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Nerve Pain
  • Leg Cramps
5 out of 5 Stars – Works Wonderfully!
on April 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
These work so much better than I had even dared to hope. I have tried many patches and creams for my often tense muscles. These arrived when I happened to be having a bad pain day with the right side of my neck and shoulder. I put one patch on my neck and one on my shoulder. Within about 10 minutes I could feel the cooling sensation of the patch. My neck had been so painful before I put the patches on that I could not even move it without intense pain.
After 20 minutes of wearing the patch I could move my neck again with little to no pain. After an hour, no pain what so ever. Even now, that it’s been 8 hours and I have taken off the patch my neck still feels great. I really recommend these to anyone who suffers from tense and tight muscles.

Salonpas Patches offer excellent and immediate (within 5-15 minutes for me, personally) pain relief. But don’t take my word for it – check out the amazing reviews (from verified purchasers) below!

My Background with Severe and Chronic Pain

I have been living with progressive and severe chronic pain for over 10 years now and have fibromyalgia, bulging and compressed discs, many (many!) bone spurs (osteophytes) on my neck and spine and major nerve issues as well as severe degeneration of my spine (aka arthritis).

Although it isn’t easy to say this, I have been at the stage where I couldn’t see through the pain to having any semblance of a ‘normal life’ and have been beyond my wit’s end, crawling the walls with pain that I was unable to get under control.  Obviously everybody has their own experience of pain and nobody understands what another human bean goes through (check out my blog ‘Nobody Understands Me‘ about this…).

Nothing Was Working to Take the Edge Off…

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For me, I got to the stage where I was using Fentanyl patches – a very powerful opiate medication – and they weren’t even taking the edge off of my nerve, muscle and joint pain.  (I just found an article stating that Fentanyl is 50x more powerful than heroin!  Scary! You can read the article here.)

This is after trying everything from oxycodone, morphine, Ultram, gabapentin, pregablin, amitiptyline and many others and feeling ‘beyond it’ in regards to getting my pain under control, because NOTHING WAS WORKING.  I also use TENS, ultrasound, heating pads, ice, curcumin, ginger…and many other options, all of which I can say don’t come near the relief that these patches provide.


I then tried Salonpas Patches.  I have to tell you – I have never looked back.  I have ditched ALL my prescription meds for pain and use these for everything from migraines and headaches (I cut the patch in half and place on my forehead/temples…ok, I look like an idiot, but do I care?!  NO!) to my severe neck and back pain. (Please note I am not suggesting you stop your medications without discussing this with your doctor!!!)

Although the patches say they last up to 8 hrs, for me, they have lasted over 24 hours.  I know because hubby puts them on at night after a shower and they stay on until the next night when I have him remove them for my next shower.

If I don’t put a patch on right away after my shower?  I NOTICE THE PAIN CREEPING UP WITHIN MINUTES.  Seriously.

Relief for Under 10 Cents?!

Yep.  The current price for 140 patches  for $13.03 with FREE delivery works out to a mere $0.093!  For 24 hour relief?!!!!  That works better than prescription and costly medications?!  YOU BET.

5 out of 5 Stars – Pain Reliever, Cramps Preventer!
By CaliBookWorm on May 14, 2016
Verified Purchase
These actually work. They are not only good for pain, but they also help to relieve leg cramps amazingly fast. There is not a bad smell to them. I make sure to never run out. Sometimes when I wear heels after having worn flats for an extended period of time, my feet sometimes get really bad cramps. At the end of the day I put the Salonpas on and I don’t get cramps in my feet and legs.
20 patches per packet (140 in total).

20 patches per packet (140 in total).


5 out of 5 Stars – LOVE THESE!
By jenny8675309 May 8, 2016
Verified Purchase
I don’t know if I can adequately explain how much I love these. I get horrible tension headaches, and putting a couple of these on the back of my neck really helps give me relief.


5 out of 5 Stars – One Great Pain Helper!
on May 2, 2016
Verified Purchase
I have lived with joint pain and muscle tension for 11 and a half years from an auto accident. Tried so many things no one can fix me, but when I tried Salonpas I get relief for a few hours, I use them to help the pain to sleep and get me through my day at work. They work and are not harmful. I recommend them to my friends and family, they have all said the same.

Shared with Friends and Family

I have shared my Salonpas Patches far and wide, friends, neighbours, virtual strangers (I gave some to a guy in the pub who had strained his leg in a soccer game – he came back the next day apparently looking to find out what the ‘miracle patch’ was and where he could get more!  In fact, I have even given some to my chiropractor, who said she noticed immediate relief.

Packets Make Them Easy To Carry

The box of 140 patches come in packets of 20 each – making them excellent to pop in your purse, luggage, whatever!  And as we are not dealing with any opiate medication here, they make the perfect travel companion for abroad for immediate pain relief.

We’re All Different

Everyone is different in regards to what their experience of pain is – and what helps relieve their pain.  However, I would say that considering the pain I experience and the amount of really serious prescription medications and these work better for me than any meds…then they are very much worth trying yourself to see if they can help. These patches are not suitable for someone with a latex or salicylate allergy.

If you are struggling to get pain relief at the moment (and immediate relief at that) and you have given up on prescription pain medications, for under 10 Cents a patch, Salonpas Patches, in my opinion are certainly well worth giving a go!

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