You Can Be Confident With FibroMapp

Patient safety & security is our priority.

One of the biggest concerns healthcare professionals experience with health apps is their patient’s safety and security.  With over 300,000 health apps on the market, very few have been assessed by regulatory standards authorities.

Working together with clinicians, and a leading regulatory standards and medical device expert, FibroMapp™ will be assessed and approved to meet EU & UK digital health regulatory standards, and will be HIPAA compliant.

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FibroMapp™ Bridges the Gap...

Help your patients take back control with FibroMapp™

FibroMapp™ will provide a safe, immediate and holistic solution,to offer to patients with fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and other complex chronic pain conditions.

It helps to bridge the gap between prescribing medications and referral waiting times, and offers a tool for people who have chosen to, or are unable to take medications.

Encouraging patients to use FibroMapp™ will empower them to self-manage, take more control over their well-being and be more accountable for their health.

Gain Important Insights into Your Patients Health - Fast!

Easy-to-Read Reports Feature

Many patients wishing to gain the best treatment from their healthcare professionals keep a written diary.

With limited appointment times, sifting through these diaries for potentially important facts and clues to your patient’s health is impossible.

This is Where FibroMapp™ Comes In…

FibroMapp™ PDF reports provides an accurate and historical record of your patient’s symptoms and experiences.

These easy-to-read reports summarize the patient’s digital diary and act as a great support tool, enabling you to pinpoint and address areas of concern – fast.

There’s no need to learn yet another system with FibroMapp. PDF reports are printed, emailed or sent directly to patient’s EMR (if enabled).

FibroMapp™ Custom Health Reports

Gain insights into the following areas:
  • Mood

  • Energy

  • Pain severity, location and type

  • Medication adherence (and possible side effects)

  • Triggers which may be causing flare-ups

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