Fibromyalgia & Medical Marijuana: What You Need to Know

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Hi everyone!

Well, unless you are living under a stone with no access to any media, you have probably noticed that a HUGE and much needed change of events and indeed laws for the use of medical marijuana (cannabis) is sweeping across several nations. I thought I would take the opportunity to discuss this incredible plant and what you need to know in regards to it’s use – as well as some stirring statistics regarding the current Big Pharma route and the efficacy (not!) of the approved meds for fibromyalgia.

Medical Marijuana vs ‘Street’ Marijuana

In writing this, I think that it is imperative to educate those of you who have not already researched and are aware of medical marijuana…because it is VERY different to the street drug and it is imperative to understand this. Medical marijuana has a high content of CBD (cannabidiol). CBD does NOT make you ‘high’.

CBD is NOT psychoactive. And in fact, CBD oil is even available on Amazon (it is available here as well as books about medical use and other information about it).  For 5 must-know facts about cannabidiol, check this page out.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol ) does have it’s place in regards to pain control and other benefits, however, due to it’s psychoactive nature, medical cannabis tends to not have a high THC percentage. In saying this, there is actually a pharmacological medication that does have THC called Marinol and it is used for weight loss in AIDS patients and in cancer patients going through chemotherapy, as it helps to stimulate the appetite. (In other words, the THC gives them ‘the munchies’).

Things are changing FAST in regards to the recognition that this incredible (and obviously NATURAL) plant provides.

Medical Properties of CBD Effects
Antiemetic Reduces nausea and vomiting
Anticonvulsant Suppresses seizure activity
Antipsychotic Combats psychosis disorders
Anti-inflammatory Combats inflammatory disorders
Anti-oxidant Combats neurodegenerative disorders
Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer Combats tumor and cancer cells
Anxiolytic/Anti-depressant Combats anxiety and depression disorders

Some Sobering Statistics

I thought I would share with you the (extremely sobering) stats between the different medications already approved by the FDA in the States (and in other countries) to treat fibromyalgia…and their appallingly poor percentages of them actually making a difference for people. Which always makes me wonder, ‘how the heck did they get approved to begin with?’…but then again, that will be a whole other blog on me ranting about Big Pharma. I shall spare you that rant in this blog…

I will also spare you a dialogue about the side effects these medications are causing people…whereas medical marijuana seems to cause little – if any…

An online survey where over 1,300 fibromyalgia patients took part was conducted by the National Pain Foundation and National Pain Report.

And here are their findings in regards to medications that have been approved and prescribed for fibromyalgia and for those who have had the opportunity (and I say opportunity – because it is still illegal in many States) to use medical marijuana.




Medical Marijuana

Numbers Speak Louder than Words

A whopping sixty-two percent of those who took part in the survey have tried cannabis said it was very effective at treating their fibromyalgia symptoms. Another 33% said it helped a little and only 5% said it did not help at all.  Compared to 10% or less in efficacy for the prescription drugs approved for fibromyalgia!

“I’ve found nothing that has worked for me, apart from marijuana,” said one survey respondent.

Ready for more sobering statistics?

In states where medical marijuana is legal, a whopping 25% reduction in deaths due to painkiller overdoses has been recorded.  Read the Newsweek article about this here.

Live in a State Where Medical Marijuana is Legal?

Firstly, lucky you!  Secondly, if you are interested in obtaining some, you need to speak with your doctor and from there, if they agree, they will give you a medical marijuana card that allows you to buy it from an authorized seller called a dispensary.

Just Google for doctors in your area that prescribe it – they are listed! 🙂

Check this map out…yep, times, they are a changing….!


Don’t Live in a Place Where Medical Marijuana is Legal?

Obviously, that is up to the individual to choose whether or not you are willing to risk the law to get pain (and other symptom) relief.  How absurd is that? (Don’t get me started!).

However, what I can tell you is that if you do choose to take the leap and buy marijuana from the street, you will most definitely not be getting a strain that is high in CBD but in THC – as the whole goal is to sell you something where you DO get high from it.

As well, on top of taking the law into your own hands (which I have to point out here that I am not condoning), you also have no idea what chemicals have been used on it…it is a well-known fact that things like fibreglass spray is commonly sprayed on the bud to make it weigh more…and that means you pay more.  #scary

Your best bet is to try CBD oil – which is legal 0r  CBD capsules.

If you start looking for CBD oils online and vapes (in the UK) you will see a vast difference in prices.  This has to do with the STRENGTH of the CBD oil.  Ultimately, the more expensive it is, the more potent (and helpful).

To use the oil, just put a couple of drops under your tongue…or I tend to put them on a cookie or something to help mask the taste…because the taste can be, well…not exactly the most pleasant. However – the effects in regards to how this incredible plant can help with pain and other symptoms makes the taste a lot more bearable!

Worried About Your Lungs?

Researchers at Atlanta’s Emory University analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Their study found that marijuana users who smoked one joint a day for up to 20 years did not show signs of lung damage.

Here’s a good article in regards to smoking cannabis and keeping your lungs healthy.  Of course, there’s also the opportunity to eat it…and if you are living in a State where it is legal, you can find it in everything from lollipops to popcorn and gummy bears.  Seriously.

In Conclusion

We are certainly living in very interesting times in regards to the laws and medical marijuana (and in some states, recreational, too -that’s the stuff that has the high THC content).  As far as I am concerned, marijuana is an incredible plant that has been used for thousands of years for medicinal and other purposes – and no wonder! In fact, it is believed to be several times…

I personally think that Big Pharma are sh*tting a brick here.  80% of medical cannabis users have given up their prescription medications.  It will be very interesting to see how things continue to play out in the next few years as the public continue to push for legalization…and how corrupt and far Big Pharma will push back…

Opiate painkiller overdoses and deaths has become epidemic, check out this 2016 CDC report about them.   And we all know that when we are in severe pain, sometimes we just keep taking our medications above and beyond the prescribed dosage in just ‘the hope’ for some relief.

Unfortunately, marijuana – medical and recreational is illegal in many parts of the world still – meanwhile, prescription medications (read chemicals, with incredible side effects and considered by some studies as the number 1 killer (others say it’s the 4th) in the USA and a report by the CDC stating that Big Pharma kills more people than all illegal drugs combined in a 2014 study) continues to be legal.

So.  If you have fibromyalgia, you now have the statistics to show exactly what works best.  A plant.  One that is illegal in many places and is making a huge difference (and in some instances -life changing ones).  Marijuana for medical use is one hot topic – one that I encourage you to investigate further. Hopefully this blog will provide you with a bit more information about so you know a bit more about it.


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