Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain & The Weather Connection

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Remember the ongoing family ‘joke’ about how grandma could forecast the weather based on her knees being painful? And how accurate she was?  And now, it’s your turn to carry the torch as the family weather forecaster – sadly due to an increase or even flare up in your arthritis , bursitis, rheumatism,   fibromyalgia  and chronic pain causing you to be accurate with your forecast. Thing is, there is nothing supernatural about your weather predicting abilities – as there is a very real connection to the weather and pain!

Rain and/or Cold

When there is is a drop in the barometric pressure or a change with a cold weather front coming in, many of us are all too aware (sometimes several days before) of the change on it’s way.

For those of us living in places that get hit badly with rain, damp, wind and cold weather (so most of us!), we know it all too well how our bodies struggle in these conditions.  (I live in Scotland and my theme tune is by the Eurythmics – ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’.  It seems to sometimes be endless here.  A truly amazing country, but not the bestest place to be living when struggling with pain, unfortunately!

The Study

In 2007 a study done by Tufts University found that when the temperature drops by 10 degrees that there was correspondence with an increase in arthritis pain.

They also found that low barometric pressure, low temperatures and precipitation can be the instigator to an increase in pain.

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Good question!  One that researchers are scratching their heads about. They ‘suspect’ that it has to do with certain atmospheric conditions increase swelling in the joint capsule.

What’s Low and High Barometric Pressure?

Ultimately, it is barometric pressure that cause the daily change in our weather patterns.  Low barometric pressure is the signal for an unsettled front coming in – rain, wind, storms etc.  High pressure means settled weather.  For further details on how this works, click here.

Winter is Coming…

…and no, this is not in reference to Game of Thrones, but in preparation for taking care of Clara Clark Micro Polar Fleece Bed Sheet Set, Queen Size, Whiteourselves as best as we can to reduce pain and be as comfortable as possible.

One of my FAVE things is when it starts getting cold and we put on our gorgeous, ever so soft, fleece sheets…My husband always comments that he can’t leave the bed and feels ‘trapped’ (because he is so cozy!).

For me, the best thing to help has to be my heating pad.  (It’s the middle of July, I have the fan on and I am on my heating pad, setting at max, due to increased costochondritis pain…and yep…the rain is on it’s way.  Again.)  I find the heat to be soothing.

Check This Out

If you are in the USA there is actually an Arthritis Weather Index to predict your pain! There’s also the Aches and Pains Map by Intellicast!

In Conclusion

Well, you might have become the latest meteorologist in your friends and family – perhaps you aren’t able to predict the EXACT temperature rolling in, but your fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pain issues have made sure that you know that something is up weather wise.  You aren’t going crazy (and neither was grandma).  There is a definite connection between pain and the weather!

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