Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME: The Pathogen Connection

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A few months ago I started investigating ‘outside of the box’ in regards to what is making me (and everyone else with fibromyalgia, CFS/ME) unwell.  I was never ‘comfortable’ with the fact that there are over 200+ co-existing conditions and symptoms that come part in parcel with these illnesses and felt that there had to be root causes that were not being thoroughly investigated.  At first, I came across the whole mold and mycotoxin area and felt there was something in this.  I started to look for testing, as we are living in an area with whisky fungus (our homes, cars, patio stones are turning black from this!  So we are breathing it!!).  All I could find was a hair analysis kit.  Then, by fluke (or I like to think Divine Intervention), I came across what is called ‘pathogenics’ and there is testing for over 1000 different pathogens. And ding ding ding!  The fibromyalgia, CFS/ME pathogen connection completely made sense.

For me and the journey I am on regarding a) finding out what the ROOT causes are of my health issues and b) treating them and feeling better I have come to the realisation that:

  1.  I am not going to find answers and help on the health system
  2.  That it is going to cost money
  3.  If I don’t take radical action regarding my health, nobody else is going to…

The health system is great in many ways – and antiquated in many others. Doctors on the westernised health system are tied to the options provided through big pharma.  In many cases these treatments cause more side effects than help – certainly as is the case with fibromyalgia and CFS/ME.  (As Dr Bruce Lipton says, ‘There is no such thing as side effects, they are DIRECT EFFECTS). When less than 10% of the people using the 3 FDA approved drugs for fibro are finding relief?  (And many are experiencing major side effects? There is something radically wrong with this situation…)

As well, tests through our health system can be shockingly, wildly inaccurate.  For example, a magnesium test to check for deficiency?  99.7% inaccurate! We get these results and walk away thinking, ‘well, that’s not it, then!’, meanwhile, it could very well be the issue. (80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium.  I know my diet is not fantastic, yet my mag test can back as fine…I know for a fact this is not the case!).

What is Pathogenics?

Pathogenics is an alternative and natural, clinical homeopathy therapy to treat long term, low level chronic illness. It is proven that many conditions and illnesses are caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungals and various other pathogens. Pathogenics identifies and kills the specific pathogens that are making you ill, so you get better.

In most cases, chances are you will never have had tests for any of these pathogens – and if you have, many tests are very inaccurate and not sensitive to the pathogens lurking within us – they simply go undetected.

As well, pathogens can also be hereditary!  And can be generations old…

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Why is Pathogenics different to what my doctor, specialist or classical homeopath can do?

Homeopathy is a medicine system based on natural laws which were only discovered, understood and applied therapeutically some 200 years ago. Simply it means ‘like cures like’.

Classical Homeopathy gives the suffering patient, with particular symptoms which characterise their condition, a minute dose of a substance which in large doses causes similar symptoms in a healthy person. e.g. homeopathically prepared coffee (coffea tosta) is used to treat certain types of sleeplessness which are similar to the sleeplessness caused by drinking coffee, and homeopathically prepared doses of onion (allium cepa) will treat certain cases of hay fever where the symptoms match those of someone suffering the effects of inhaling the fumes of a fresh chopped onion.

Each remedy is usually discovered through a procedure called a ‘proving’ where a substance is tested on a group of healthy volunteers for its effects and the symptoms recorded and compared to produce the information which defines that particular remedy. Each homeopathic medicine has its unique symptom expression recorded in the homeopathic ‘materia medica’

Classical Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’ – in other words, the right substance taken in small amounts by a sick person will cure the same symptoms it causes if the same substance were to be taken in large amounts by a healthy person.

A classical homeopath, assesses your symptoms and based on their homeopathic knowledge prescribes a natural remedy to suppress or counteract your symptoms. These remedies can be highly effective and do not have side effects but they are often a lifetime management system.

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A traditional doctor, in much the same way, assesses you symptoms based on their medical knowledge and the resources available, and prescribes a chemical solution to suppress or counteract your symptoms. Unlike homeopathy the drugs prescribed usually have side effects, often requiring additional drugs to counteract the side effects. The doctors time, resources and drug range are very limited, as is his knowledge if he is a GP and expected to know everything about everything. Many of the drugs prescribed are for generic illnesses, and sometimes you will need to try several different drugs before finding one that will work.

A Clinical Homeopath/Pathogenisict has a different approach. They do not want to manage or suppress symptoms (unless we absolutely cannot remove them i.e. growths, stones etc) and do not use ‘like for like’ but identify the exact cause and remove it. The library of Pathogens and the BEFD (Bio-Electric Functions Diagnosis) machine that is used helps us to exactly identify the specific causal strain and strength of the pathogen driving your illness. The remedies used, are exact opposites of the pathogens that are making you ill, and so it cancels the pathogens out, eliminating or killing them. They will only treat the patient with a remedy derived from the actual pathogen strain that is causing the condition, at the exact strength indicated by the BEFD testing machine. (Tamsin lovingly calls her BEFD machine ‘Bernard’ :)).



There is no guesswork as to the correct remedy and strength and you cannot fabricate the results. They do not rely solely on our knowledge, and as a patient you can see quite clearly what the results are showing us, which pathogens are involved and whether the pathogens are weakening. This is supported the whole way through with how you are feeling and is as in depth as you want it to be. Unlike traditional consultants they aren’t here to preach at you, they are  here to work with you to get you better. You are in the driving seat. You want to tackle one specific issue then there is no pressure to treat anything other than your one concern. If you want to be as well as you can be, we will work with you and continue to evolve your treatment until you are where you want to be.

For a full list (it is huge!)  of all the different issues that can be detected please go here.  There is detecting and treating everything from fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, Lyme Disease to general aching and skin conditions, gynaecological, IBS and urinary issues to migraines and headaches and auto immune conditions.

My Experience (so far…)

I have had well over 60 pathogens detected – from cytomegalo virus to Epstein Barr, meningitis strains, a variety of different fungus, including different candida strains and so much more.

For myself, the first consultation?  Well, I was in tears. And not tears of pain, either.   (There are no bloods taken, pathogens are detected immediately and  treatment starts within a few days (once your specific remedies are made).

Tears of finally feeling vindicated in finding the whack of pathogens I was dealing with…hepatitis, meningitis, cytomegalo virus, poliomyelitis, just to name a few.  (There were 29 found in the first consultation, if you would like to see my list of pathogens detected, go here). No wonder I was feeling sh*t!

As well, my husband had a weird ‘rash’ on his ankle that doctors had prescribed antifungals and corticosteroids and they did nada…when tested, he immediately had hepatitis show up.  Hepatitis C, in fact.  (And within a month of treatment (which was 2 days of a few drops of remedies in water)), his ankle has healed, I kid you not.

I have also seen people who have gone for a consultation with rosacea and psoriasis on their face, return a month later – with their faces completely cleared. (Skin can be one of the most difficult areas to treat so often takes much longer).  Dealing with invisible illnesses such as fibro and ME/CFS and the erratic fluctuation of ever-changing symptoms doesn’t make it always easy to see whether there has been improvements easily, however, that is what the FibroMapp app is for – tracking, monitoring, recording and creating reports.  For myself, there has definitely been a many improvements in regards to sleep, fever, migraines/headaches and body aching to name just a few.  And seeing tangible and physical results on others has been, well, no less than amazing!

I think one of the things that was most incredible was that 2 days after taking the remedy for the candida geotrichum fungus I was treating, I actually felt like I ‘woke up’ out of a coma – ie, brain fog.

Remedies are made with distilled water and a bit of vodka (optional) and can be taken with any medication and alcohol with no side effects.  For me – and for many people, treatment only lasts a day or two for each pathogen being treated – of course, everyone is different – for some people who are extremely sensitive, it can take a few weeks.

It is important to note that this is not  a miracle cure that happens overnight.  With conditions like fibro and CFS, we have a MULTITUDE of pathogens that needs to be cleared out, so the process can be slow going – but definitely worth doing, in my opinion.


I think that it is imperative to look at other options outside the box in regards to getting help – because they DO exist!

For more information about pathogen detection and treatment in the UK go here.

As well, Dr Jess Armine, from Pennsylvania does a different type of testing for pathogens and treatment – as well as methylation therapy and many other things that are helping people to recover from fibromyalgia, CFS, Lyme Disease and many other ‘incurable issues’.  Dr Armine also comes to the Manchester area in the UK.  He is a functional and integrative medicine doctor who works with bio-individualized medicine.  For more information, please go here.

Dr Chris Pickard is also rather an amazing guy when it comes to helping (and healing) people with fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and many other issues.  There are many videos that he has done on YouTube.  He looks at gut health, which is a critical component of many aspects of our health – from inflammation and pain to IBS, arthritis and so much more.  His business is called Body in Balance and some of the work he can do is remote as well. He’s in the London area.

I hand on heart believe now that pathogens are the missing link and the connection to fibromyalgia and CFS/ME.  I have no doubt about it.  In fact, I have been doing my best to get the word out to as many researchers, charities and doctors as possible – only to fall on deaf ears. The thing is, it all just makes sense!  I am calling this the ‘new medicine’.  And one without side effects and masking symptoms, let alone actually detecting the issues to begin with.  I cannot encourage people enough to look into getting treatment – this can change your life.  Seriously.

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  1. I am 53 and have been living with fibromyalgia for 28 years amoung other health issues that come with it (I.B.S., C.F.S., DEPRESSION, FIBRO FOG, & NERVE DAMAGE) and other health issues that are to many to list.

    1. Author

      Hi Linda, I am sorry to read that you have been struggling so long with all these issues that truly can affect your quality of life. I hope that I might be able to shed some light in regards to my own personal experiences and the research I have done in regards to looking outside the box to find answers. I fully believe that there ARE answers to many of these issues. Here are a few things I would recommend looking into (on top of the pathogen stuff…and in regards to this, I would highly recommend looking for someone who practices functional medicine and is able to test you properly for pathogens…as I believe we are highly toxic and the meds we have been given only exacerbate this issue). Right…Firstly, have a look into magnesium. If you haven’t already done so and researched this thoroughly, please have a look at this blog:
      Secondly, if you aren’t already on LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) please read this: Lastly, if you aren’t already using the FibroMapp app to track what is going on for you – and when – then it is an excellent tool to help you (and your doctor(s)) to understand your body and your patterns better, as well as track your meds/supps and create reports. For myself, in using this tool, I was able to determine what activities were causing me to flare up, what medications were and weren’t working, create a journal and so much more. My doctor also was very appreciative of the reports as it allowed her to pinpoint areas of concern that were not being addressed – and most certainly needed to be. I hope that this information helps you! I think the most important thing is to not give up! And equally, to look outside of the box for help as it is there. If you haven’t done so already, please do sign up for our newsletter as there might be things in there to help you as well. Sending gentle hugs. Hang in there! A.x

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