homescreenWhen you first install the app, there are a couple of places you should visit first to tailor the app to suit you.

Click the Medications button in order to set up what medications you take, dose sizes etc.

Click the Settings button in order to customise various areas of the app to suit your circumstances and set other system settings.

(Your version of the app may look different to this image depending on which version you have downloaded, but all the functionality is the same.)

Medications Setup

medicationscreenInitially, your medications list will be empty.

Add a medication by typing in the text box and clicking the add (+) button.

When you have finished adding your medications, you are ready to set the dose information.

medicationscreen_2Press on a medication to bring up the options menu.
You can Edit the entry to change the name and Delete the entry to remove it.
Click on Set Dose to finish setting up a medication.
medicationscreen_3Clicking Set Dose will display a box where you can set

  • Dose Type
  • Dose Size
  • Max Dose

Click Save to record the dose settings. The tick beside a medication will turn green when you have completed its setup.

Your medications are now ready to use.

Settings – Category Edit

categoryeditThe app comes pre-loaded with the most commonly experienced issues, but you can completely customise the app to suit your circumstances.
To do this, click on the category you want to customise.

categoryedit_2You can add new items by typing in the text box and clicking the add (+) button.
Alternatively, you can click on an existing item and choose to Edit it, or Delete it so that it doesn’t appear in any other lists.

Settings – Sleep & App Settings

preferencesThis section allows you to set up items which will be used throughout the app. Some of these are self-explanatory, others are detailed below:

Ignore sleep data if: sets a time threshold to not record any sleep data. For instance, set it to 5 minutes to not record a sleep record of 5 minutes or less; this will help to reduce the amount of data you store on your device.

The default is 1 minute.

Usual sleep time / Usual wake time: this is used to calculate your sleep records for the reports. Any sleep records outside of these times will be recorded either for the current day, the previous day or the next day, depending on its position within your sleep period (sleep time to wake time).

The default is 23:00 (Sleep) and 08:00 (Wake). Note: FibroMapp expects your sleep time to be before midnight (00:00) and your wake time to be after midnight. A setting such as 02:00 (Sleep) and 09:00 (Wake) might cause unusual results to be displayed.

Auto Flight Mode: tick this box to make sure your phone doesn’t wake you up with calls, emails, Tweets etc when you have clicked the I am going to sleep button on the Home Screen.

Your name / Your GP name: used simply to personalise the PDF reports. The defaults are blank, and the reports will show no names.

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