Dry Skin Brushing: Reduce Pain, Brain Fog, Fatigue & Much More!

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Chances are you might have heard about all the amazing benefits of dry skin brushing in regards to reducing cellulite.  However, this ancient practice used in Rome (and still used today in Scandinavia, Russia and other places), can actually help reduce pain, brain fog, fatigue and much more! It also helps blood and lymphatic circulation and has many other positive attributes…and well…just feels great!*

It’s Not Another Fad. Honest…

And no…it’s really not ‘just another fad’.  Skin brushing/exfoliation has been done for thousands of years in many different cultures from Romans to present day Scandinavians.  And guess what? Animals do it all the time, too!  Bears love to brush up against trees.  Other animals roll in the dirt and even many of our pets love to be brushed. Why? Because it not only feels good – but it also is an important mechanism for getting rid of dead skin (or fur!) and improving circulation – both blood and lymphatic.  Dry skin brushing kicks out the toxins our skin is harboring and on top of reducing cellulite, makes our skin silky smooth, too!

Important Safety Tip!

Please note – there is a SPECIFIC method to dry skin brushing that needs to be followed as you are ultimately affecting your lymphatic and circulation systems.This goes FAR beyond a beauty regime.  Honest. It is imperative to brush a specific way, towards your heart and with specific movements.

After much research, I highly recommend the book by Dr Berkowsky called Vital Chi Skin
Brushing System: The Quick Start Program
.  It is easy to follow, but equally, he has done a lot of research and used this technique for over 20 years.  There are tons of books, videos, websites showing the technique out there – all have different techniques, but this system/book, I believe is the best. The reason I went with Dr Berkowsky’s system is that I know it is being used in wellness retreats for cancer patients in order to assist with detox and lymphatic drainage. (Plus, as an added bonus, the pictures in it are amusing/hilarious – unintended, but still very funny/corny!!!).

The other thing I like about this easy to read book is that it is spiral bound, so easy to read flat, whilst following through on the techniques was made easier as the book didn’t keep closing.

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Lastly, (and I stress this!) there is a big difference in regards to some of the techniques done by spas for reducing cellulite that the dry skin brushing does (one of the many benefits!), vs the specific lymphatic drainage and blood circulation techniques Dr Berkowsky specializes in. (Ps. He’s a doctor who’s studied the lymphatic/blood circulation system vs spa techs who can get a 1 day certificate for dry skin brushing…ahem…).

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

  • Improves lymphatic drainage (which will also boost your immune system)
  • Improves vascular blood circulation
  • Releases toxins and ultimately helps with brain fog, feeling fatigued and sluggish
  • Reduces inflammation and pain by getting blood circulation increased, lymphatic drainage increased and toxins being kicked out
  • Results in brighter, smoother skin and encourages new cell growth.
  • Helps with pesky ingrown hairs
  • Rejuvenates the nervous system by stimulating nerve endings in the skin
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Helps your skin to eliminate clogged pores and therefore absorb more nutrients
  • Helps define muscle tone and gives a more even distribution of fat deposits
  • Feels great!
  • Refreshing and invigorating – especially if you do it first thing in the morning

Poor Circulation, Toxic Build-Up and More…

I fully believe that many of us with fibromyalgia and ME/CFS are HIGHLY toxic.  Not only are most of us eating foods that are full of goodness knows what (pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified…you get the drift), but we are also taking medications that are…well…toxic.

All of these things (and more – such as detergents, soaps, shampoos…an endless list, really), unless organic, are chemicals that leave a trail of nastiness in our bodies.   In regards, to medications alone, just look at the side effects we get from many of them! (Or as I like to quite Dr Bruce Lipton, ‘There are no such things as side effects with medications – they are DIRECT effects’.).

Our Skin is King (or Queen!)

Our skin is our LARGEST organ! It is also the largest ELIMINATION organ. And when we gently brush the skin, we are releasing toxins (and dead skin – up to a pound a day!). Our skin can actually eliminate up to 15% waste and is also known as the ‘3rd kidney’.
Discover the supplementation you need for more energy, immune system support and better mental clarity..

By giving our skin a good brushing a few times a week (or more), we are setting ourselves up in good stead for helping to improve our health in so many ways.

Feel Great Now – At Home – Over and Over Again…

…For an investment less than the price of a pizza you can get a brush for dry skin brushing and then you can start feeling awesome with implementing a dry skin brushing routine.Best Dry Body Brush Natural Bristle for Skin Brushing FREE Exfoliating Gloves & eBook, Exfoliate Skin, Reduce Cellulite & Boost Lymphatic System, Back Massager Scrubber with Long Detachable Handle, Great Gift

All I can tell you is after 2 weeks of dry skin brushing, my skin feels softer, the swelling (inflammation) on my neck has reduced (a great spot for toxic build up).  I feel refreshed in the morning after I do it and have a shower afterwards.

Kicking Out Toxins Means Reducing Pain, Brain Fog, Fatigue and More…

Dry skin brushing not only improves the appearance of your skin by helping new skin to regenerate and getting rid of dead skin cells, it also stimulates blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and greatly enhances toxin elimination. Toxins build up in our body and causes inflammation…which in turn causes us pain. Toxins can also be a real source of brain fog, lethargy and fatigue, too.

So what if we could do something ourselves where the investment is less than a ticket to the movies? (Or a pizza…).  That invigorates us? Reduces brain fog, kicks out nasty toxins and does so many awesome things for our bodies?

What You Need to Get Started

Ok.  To begin with you need the brush (obviously). After that, it is up to you! However, Dr Berkowsky recommends in his skin brushing technique book the following to really carry through the improvements made by your dry skin brushing:

Three brushes (all of which you can get here as a set)

  1. Separate facial brush (which is softer and more gentle)
  2. Brush for your body
  3. Brush for your feet  (you don’t want to introduce fungus that might be on your feet to your body – or your face!)

You also might want to consider the following…(Considering you are going to be doing all these amazing things for your body and your health, following through in regards to ensuring you are not immediately blasting your skin with chlorine and other toxic chemicals…)

2.  Ionic Shower Filter Head that filters out chemicals and other crudBest Natural Body Wash for Women and Men - Deep Moisturizing Body Wash Great for Dry & Sensitive Skin - Argan Oil Soap with Sandalwood Essential Oil - Relaxing Shower Gel -8oz Bottle - Cruelty Free

3.  Organic Natural Oil Shower Gel

4.  Natural Oils to moisturize with afterwards (Check this natural oil product out with lavender oil, almond and grapeseed oil with vitamins E & D for body, face, hair and scalp)

Additional Pain Relief After Brushing/Shower

Also, for added pain relief, try magnesium oil mixed in to your moisturizer.  Not only is transdermal (through the skin vs oral) magnesium therapy becoming increasingly recognised to help with joint and muscle pain, in itself it helps with everything from improving sleep, reducing/eliminating IBS, improves your cardiovascular system, reduces fatigue, increases energy and so much more.  For more information on the benefits of magnesium, check this blog out!

*This Might Not Be For You…

Ok.  Before you start commenting…I know that this technique isn’t suitable for everyone.  I know many of us have allodynia (skin sensitivity), not to mention have severe chronic pain, making it difficult to carry out some of the techniques…This is where the buddy system comes in handy! For allodynia peeps, dry skin brushing is probably not an option for you.

Having a Routine

For me, in working together with my amazingly awesome health coach, Phil Curtis and using the fab Precision Nutrition (PN) system Phil works with, (a 12 month re-boot of feeling awesome), getting on to the road to feeling as best as possible is my mission.  (Thank you Phil, you rock! And you are more than just my health coach but my life coach!).

I know that with my severe mechanical neck injuries there’s only so much I can do – however, I love how Phil and the PN system works…and the first 2 weeks of the system was simply implementing a 5 minute a day habit into my routine.  And if it means hubby is doing the brushing (and he is happy to!), I am still reaping the benefits, without causing more pain to myself.

The PN system is all about baby steps, learning about what makes us tick and improving our lives and lifestyle over the next year.  (If this is of interest to you, please do check out Phil’s Facebook page – he’s able to offer his services all over this big blue marble!)

The PN system is only available through trained coaches in the system.  As well…Phil has tons of great free advice on his FB page, so if you are wanting to make a positive difference in your life, check his page out! :)).

So, I chose dry skin brushing as my first habit!!! Simply because it has SO many benefits for such little investment and time. And I am already feeling at the very least refreshed and ready to meet the day a bit better and I am pretty sure that the inflammation caused by toxins (found all over my body!) are reducing in size (and pain). And the red bumpies all over my arms and legs have disappeared, too.

For me, implementing dry skin brushing has been extremely beneficial and even when I am struggling with pain, I do as much as I can – as I feel something is better than nothing!

Reduce Pain, Inflammation and Fatigue

By increasing blood circulation, improving lymphatic drainage, sloughing off dead skin cells (and toxins) and many more benefits, dry skin brushing can really help to reduce pain, inflammation, fatigue and brain fog. Why not try it?  You might find it’s rather addictive…and at the very, very least, your skin will not only thank you for it, but you will feel refreshed and have baby soft skin in just a few weeks time.

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  1. I’ve been dry brushing my skin for a little over a month a few times a week. I have noticed that I have a lot of pain in my body. Muscle pain from top of my shoulders to the bottom of my feet. Could this be from dry brushing? It’s the only thing that I have changed. I haven’t found any specific articles dealing with this. If not I’m about to go to a doctor please help.

    1. Author

      Laura, you should always seek medical advice if something isn’t normal and is of concern to you. That aside, the only thing that I could think of (but have not heard before) is that you are releasing toxins and are actually going through what is called a Herx Reaction as you detox – as dry skin brushing is actually doing that. But please seek medical advice first to rule anything else out.

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