Do You Know If Your Meds/Supplements Are Working?

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More Supplements!

If you are like me, I want immediate relief from whatever I am going through. Whether it is pain, IBS, costochondritis. The list is endless! (In fact, there are over 200+ co-existing conditions of fibromyalgia!).  But how do you know if your meds/supplements are really working when it takes longer than, well, immediately?

Patience Needed!

Ok.  I’m impatient.  I guess I am also used to taking an ibuprofen and knowing that the hopeful relief of a common headache is most likely going to dissipate within an hour.  So, of course, I expect this same result with my supplements and medications for other issues!

My Mission

The thing is, I am on a mission to get my health back on track and I am doing this with everything from taking supplements to changing my diet and lifestyle.

I came to the conclusion that if my doctors were at the end of the line in regards to helping me with pain, that this wasn’t ‘the end’ but in fact, just the beginning.

Time To Get In The Driver’s Seat!

It was time to take more control over my health instead of leaving it to others, who had no answers – nor medications to help me. I realised for all my adult life I was actually sitting in the back seat regarding my health and relying on my doctor and medications to make me better.  Wrong!  Time to take over and get into the driver’s seat.  Stat!

This Means An Investment…

However, as you most likely are aware, both medications and supplements can take awhile to build in our systems.  And for many of us, it’s a financial investment for supplements that can  be a strain on our pocketbooks, as well as a commitment to keep using them.

Have  Your Symptoms  Changed From Yesterday – Or Last Month?

For myself, I struggle to even track my pain levels, mood, fatigue in regards to how I am feeling today vs yesterday (let alone last week or last month!). Even taking supplements and medications at the right time…well, I forget to.  So, how can I actually know if something is working (or even causing me side effects), if the changes are small but incremental?

Some Supplements and Medications Take Time To Notice A Change

I for one know that I haven’t given my supplements a fair try in the past, by keeping up with them and getting more when I have run out. As well as keeping up with them for at least a 3 month period.

I know that my Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) can take up to 3 or more months to kick in but I started to see improvements in my sleep by day 2 – so I continued on with it.

How Do I Know What’s Working?

Simple.  I use the award winning 8 in 1 FibroMapp App. This handy little app is personalized to fit me and tracks everything from pain severity, location, pain type to fatigue, sleep to moods, other symptoms, mobility aids used and more.

A Handy Dandy Alarm

I have my FibroMapp set up with alarms to remind me to take my medications and supplements. I realised immediately when I started tracking my dosing on the FibroMapp that I was consistently over and under medicating. (Hard to tell when a 24 hr dosing period stops and starts when  you are awake for 23 hrs a day sometimes!).

Playing Roulette With My Meds

medication screen

Medication Screen on FibroMapp App.

This meant I was playing the roulette game in regards to taking things like my pain medications…I was scared to take my meds sometimes during the day, afraid that it would leave me with nothing to take in the long and painful hours during the night.

So, instead of being on top of the pain before it crept up during the day, I was constantly assessing whether I could ‘hold out’ until later…but meanwhile, not really knowing how many doses I had left!

Easy To Read Reports

All this data is collated into easy to read PDF reports that can be downloaded, printed and emailed.

8in1 award winning app for fibromyalgia, CFS/ME.

8in1 award winning app for fibromyalgia, CFS/ME.

This means that I am able to track incremental changes (if any) regarding my pain, sleep, mood, ultimately, allowing me to track what is helping – or hindering.

Doctors Love FibroMapp!

As do patients using this app.  Being in control of our health and well being and taking on more self-management instead of sitting in the back seat and allowing others to dictate our health is imperative.

Doctors are finding the reports that FibroMapp creates as being extremely helpful in pinpointing areas of concern that may have been missed…sometimes leading to different diagnoses or requiring further investigation.

Reports Are Very Helpful for Other Things…

Having reports from FibroMapp to back up your situation regarding your condition and your daily quality of life is proving extremely helpful for many people.

People are using the FibroMapp reports for their chronic pain, fibromyalgia, CFS/ME/SEID, MS, Lupus, arthritis and more for everything from insurance claims to gaining welfare and benefits.  In fact, we know of one solicitor who is using FibroMapp to get a better financial outcome for insurance claims.

Time To Gain More Control!

If you have decided that it’s time to take over the driving wheel of your health and are starting to implement different supplements, diets, exercise and more, you want to know what is working – and what isn’t. In fact, FibroMapp has won the HealthLine Best Fibromyalgia App of 2014 and 2015. HealthLine Award Winners for Best Fibromyalgia App

Let FibroMapp help you get on track by helping you to understand whether your supplements/meds and new lifestyle choices are working (or not!).

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    1. Author

      Hi there! The app was beta tested with a variety of people to make sure that it was as easy as possible to use. I think one of the features I like the most is the ‘flare up button’ – a quick entry that takes the severity level of the flare up and any notes (ie severe neck pain severity level 9). Seeing the charts and graphs on the report and when my flare ups are triggered has allowed me to choose things a bit more wisely – ie. going to a movie = a week of increased pain/flare up. My doctor certainly started taking me a lot more seriously when I showed them my report! 🙂

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