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Chronic Pain & the Injustice of it All

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With a whopping estimated 28 million adults in the UK living with chronic pain, and 100 million in the US, there is no doubt that we are dealing with an enormous epidemic, coupled with a spiralling out of control opioid epideimic (particularly in the US) as a result. And then there is a whole other side to the story. Poor treatment, …

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Chronic Pain & Weather Connection

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Remember the ongoing family ‘joke’ about how grandma could forecast the weather based on her knees being painful? And how accurate she was?  And now, it’s your turn to carry the torch as the family weather forecaster – sadly due to an increase or even flare up in your arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia and chronic pain causing you to be accurate with …

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Honest Te Divina Detox Tea Review – Read This First!

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Is Detoxing a Scam?  Or is it Necessary? These days, everywhere you look  it seems you see detoxes and cleanses. They’re all the rage! But is detoxing bullsh*t?  Are they a scam? A passing fad? This is my honest Te Divina Detox Tea review. If you’re interested in detoxing/doing a cleanse, read this review first!