FibroMapp. Created to Help You Help Yourself.

We want to make sure that FibroMapp™ is exactly what users and healthcare professionals will find helpful and useful.

That’s why we’re working with charities, people living with fibromyalgia, CFS, ME, and chronic pain, as well as healthcare professionals, to ensure FibroMapp™ is beneficial, easy-to-use and makes a positive difference.

We’re working together with:

  • Professional Patient Information (PPI) and focus groups
  • The University of Aberdeen, the Univeristy of Stirling and the University of the West of Scotland
  • Charities supporting fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions
  • Clinicians and health psychologists

Together we’re building an app that is both meaningful and innovative, to help make a difference for you.

From 2011 to Now...

Our Journey


Where it Began

Our Co-Founder Alyssa had reached ‘the end of the line’ regarding her health – and her life.  She felt that she had lost control over her health due to osteoarthritis, a neck injury, fibromyalgia and CFS.

Add in surviving on 40 pills a day, frustration and struggling to relay the severity of her pain, sleep, mood and fatigue to her healthcare professionals, Alyssa knew that something had to change.  She also knew that she wasn’t alone with this kind of experience.

The idea for FibroMapp™ Pain Manager+ app was born.


Commitment to Helping Others

After watching his wife Alyssa struggle with fibromyalgia and chronic pain, Dave saw an opportunity to use his skills as a web developer to help Alyssa design an app that would empower her and others to regain control of their health.

Thus, in 2012, Bodymap Apps, a not-for-profit social enterprise was registered, with FibroMapp™ Pain Manager+ app as the company’s flagship app.

As helping others was their #1 priority, Dave and Alyssa decided that revenue generated from their apps would be used to support charities, advocacy, education and research.

Bodymap Apps is therefore fully committed to making a difference in other people’s lives.

2013 - 2016

Winning Awards + Making Headlines

In early 2013, FibroMapp™ Pain Manager + app was launched, and, by 2014, it won the Best Fibromyalgia App award by HealthLine.

Since then, the app has won several more HealthLine awards, and has accepted numerous WEGO Health nominations.

FibroMapp™ has also had glowing reviews and featured in Medical News Today, PainDoctor, The Mighty Yahoo Lifestyle.

Our personal knowledge and experience of complex pain conditions, and its far-reaching effects on daily life, continues to be the driving force of what makes FibroMapp™ different to other pain apps on the market.

2018- Present

Moving Forward

In 2018, Bodymap Apps teamed with the University of the West of Scotland and the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies (SCET) on a collaborative endeavour to completely update and overhaul FibroMapp.

Bodymap Apps has also been working with the Universities of Aberdeen and Stirling, healthcare/regulatory standards experts, and fibro/chronic pain advocacy groups to ensure that the latest version of the FibroMapp™ app best fits the needs of users and healthcare professionals alike.

In 2019, three pilot studies were carried out on the effectiveness of FibroMapp™ for people living with chronic pain and fibromyalgia; with all three studies showing positive outcomes.

The launch of the updated version of FibroMapp™ will drop in 2020.

In collaborating with health psychologists, clinicians, professional patient information (PPI) groups and health economists, you can be rest assured that FibroMapp™ will provide you with all the tools that you and your healthcare professionals need to manage your health the smart way.

The faces behind FibroMapp

Core Team

Alyssa Reid


David Savage

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Advisory Team

Vijay Curthan

Strategy Adviser

Professor Blair H. Smith

Consultant in Pain Medicine, Tayside NHS

Dr Line Caes

Paediatric Pain Researcher/ Health Psychology Lecturer University of Stirling

Professor Paul McNamee

Senior Research Fellow/ Professor of Health Economics University of Aberdeen

Dr Rosalind Adam

BSc MBChB MRCGP MSc PhD - Academic GP. Expertise in pain/symptom management, and eHealth.

Dr Veronica McBurnie GP

Clinical Risk Advisor and Top 100 Big Issue Change Maker

Steve McRoberts

Quality and Regulatory Standards Expert

Working Together With