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These days, everywhere you look  it seems you see detoxes and cleanses. They’re all the rage! But is detoxing bullsh*t?  Are they a scam? A passing fad? This is my honest Te Divina Detox Tea review. If you’re interested in detoxing/doing a cleanse, read this review first!

When I found out about detoxing and Te Divina Detox Tea, I spoke to my mother about doing a detox.  My mother is always up on current and trending things, so I wanted to ask her advice.  And her words of wisdom were,

Detoxing is a scam.  It is bullsh*t. Don’t fall for it and waste your money…


When I saw pictures like this (sorry, brace yourself, a picture says a thousand words, right?). And read that we can harbor up to 25lbs of toxic waste (aka poop) in our systems….causing a plethora of health issues…

Yikes! Imagine this in your system!

And then I read about the symptoms for toxic overload, of which I identified with many of them (ps, they are pretty much the same symptoms of fibromyalgia and CFS)…

I figured I had nothing to lose in trying Te Divina Detox Tea.

Nothing to Lose…

…Nothing to lose, other than weight, insomnia, fatigue, skin issues, depression, IBS, fatigue, uncontrollable temperature fluctuations, bloating and pain…you get the drift.


I ignored my mother, like the good daughter that I am, and thankfully I did, as I have never looked back regarding improving my health.

What Makes Te Divina Different to Other Detoxes?

One (actually two), things that intrigued me most about this tea, compared to the other detox products out there, was that it has ganoderma and chaga mushrooms.

Otherwise known and the ‘king and queen of herbs’, regarding their incredible medicinal (and healing) qualities.  I have been reading about these truly amazing (and powerful), mushrooms for some time.

Hundreds of Research Studies

In fact, there have been over well over 100 research studies just on ganoderma and its effect on cancer, alone.  You can access some of these studies here. And there have been over 300 research studies on chaga mushrooms.

In other words, I knew that this tea had some impressive ingredients in it.  But, I certainly was not prepared for the incredible (and fast), effects it had on my weight, sleep, fatigue and mood.

We All Need to Detox…STAT!

After I started cluing in about toxic overload and the fact that we are subjected to over 80,000 unregulated toxic chemicals daily as well as reading about the fact that we are born toxic (check out this EWG study regarding this…scary!), I knew I needed to do something. Stat!

I realised that munching on organic spinach and going vegan was perhaps dealing with the ‘now’, meanwhile, what was already in my body (and causing health problems now – and for my future), needed some resolution.  Hence, the reason why I chose Te Divina Detox Tea.

My Honest Te Divina Review Ratings

Overall Rating:  4.5*

Cost – 5*  Works out to $10 a week plus shipping (ships worldwide) for a 6 week supply for $60.   (I have been on it for almost a year now, (with some breaks here and there), and continue to gently detox by using it daily).

If you are interested in getting 18 weeks for just $120  (instead of $180) there is that option!  (Comment below and I can tell you how you can do this…it is what we did.)

Some detoxes go for hundreds of dollars  (and with a fraction of the health benefits)- so this is really cheap!  Basically, this costs less than a cup of designer coffee shop coffee a day at $1.43 per day…!

Effectiveness -5* Obviously everyone is different, but it certainly made a positive impact on my health and weight, with a noticeable difference within a few days!

Although individual results may vary, I lost 13lbs in 11 days! Yippee! (I also noticed a distinct shift in hubby’s mood, and he lost weight, too).

Sleep –  Improved hugely, within the first night! In fact, I was able to stop amitriptyline (under doctor’s supervision) by week two

Mood -My mood became stable, so bye bye anti depressants (under doctor’s supervision) within the first week I noticed a rapid improvement

Pain – Levels for overall body pain reduced from an 8 to a 3 and I was able to reduce meds (under doctor’s supervision), this was noticeable in the first week. (Although my neck injury pain continues to be a huge issue, other areas in my body have had a pain reduction).

Skin – My eczema cleared up phenomenally – noticeable in first week

Candida –My ongoing yeast infection disappeared within the first week

Fatigue – Improved hugely within the first few days

Brain Fog – I felt like I had woken up out of the ‘haze’ in using the tea for 2 days. In fact, I had a rather bizarre experience…I sat down at the piano and played – the first time in months – and the notes sounded so clear… and I wasn’t forgetting what notes correlated to piano keys. I will never forget it!

Blood Sugar Levels –Stable! ps my friend, Jyoti, was on 4 shots of insulin a day and after 3 weeks on the tea – she’s off insulin completely. Seriously! (You can see her testimonial here)

Weight & Inch Loss –  11lbs first week, 30lbs and 34 inches in 8 weeks…using the tea combined with clean eating

Carb cravings/appetite – reduced hugely

Taste: 5* – Very mild & pleasant tasting (it’s not black tea), I steep mine with ginger and lemon or with mint, and it’s very refreshing!

Easy to Use: 5* –Easy to make, and easy to drink.  (I drink 1 mug on an empty stomach at breakfast and another before bed – simples!).

However, I followed the preparation method given when buying the tea through Feel Great Now, (They offer a free Welcome Pack and QuickStart Guide, which is free if you use the link and only available exclusively if you buy the tea here ).  These directions are not the same as on the tea package and makes the tea even more powerful – as well as instructions for the UK, which is not on the pack either.

Can I Eat Real Food? 5*- You bet! Clean eating of unprocessed, whole foods (for not only the detox – but for life…) is recommended (and info is in the Welcome Pack and QuickStart Guide).

Weight Loss: 5* -I lost 13lbs in the first 11 days, 34 inches and 30 lbs in 8 weeks (and believe me, I was FAR from being strict….  Although, in general I was already clean eating, vegetarian/vegan -my diet didn’t significantly change – but my weight did!

8 Weeks on Tea Divina Detox Tea

Me – 8 Weeks On Tea Divina (still too shy to show the front!)

Also…people who struggle to put weight on or eat?  They also seem to benefit and tend to ADD weight and gain their appetite back! Amazing!

Information and Help: 2* This is where Vida Divina, the company that makes Te Divina Detox Tea, lets their buyers down as they rely on the distributors to share information.

There is no diet plan or support offered by the manufacturers, and I think this is the only let down regarding the product.

However, if you buy Te Divina Detox Tea here, you are able to access a welcome pack that has a clean eating guide, instructions on how to not only make the tea, but get the most out of the tea,  a QuickStart guide and emailers to walk you through it.

Note:  I fully believe that it is imperative to have support when doing a detox as your body can do some weird and wonderful things whilst detoxing, and it’s important to understand what’s to be expected – and what to do if you’re not feeling well. (This is called a ‘healing crisis’ and is actually a good thing as your body kicks the toxins out).

As well, the instructions on the sachet of tea, ( btw, 1 teabag lasts 1 week) are for North American sized fridges- through the support pack, you can get instructions for the UK (and believe me, this is important, because most people in the UK can’t store 1 gallon bottles of tea in their fridge! And although it’s not hard, it has been worked out for the proper measurements in the welcome pack.

Just make sure to click on the link for the welcome pack sign up on this page, after you buy the tea).

Are You Toxic?

Watch this video to find out more…

The Down Side:

I had a stonking headache for a day, which I understand is part of the detoxing process and is known as a ‘healing crisis’.  This is when the toxins are leaving the body.

I also had a day of feeling completely knackered and out of it…this is also a sign of toxicity and a healing crisis.

‘Toilet Time’

Let’s face it, when you think of detoxing, chances are you think you are going to be attached to the throne – and in many other detoxes you may very well be!

This can be an issue and is synonymous with most detoxes.  Simply reduce the amount of tea that you are having if it goes on for more than a day or two.

For me, yep – there was 2 days at the beginning (day 2 and 3) that I had the runs.  Not bad…but I was definitely glad I made the decision to stay home!!!

However…for my husband and around half the others doing the tea, they haven’t had any issue – at any point.

I would suggest if you do chose to use this tea, to start it with 3 clear days to see what happens and make sure you are resting, close to home, etc., as part of the whole experience.

Better Out Than In!

Ultimately, I took the stance of ‘better out than in’!  This is what detoxing is all about at the end of the day!  Getting rid of the crap in our bodies, right?!  Ps.  I can also attest to that 25lbs of toxic poop….because, to be blunt (but really, you want to find out about the ups and downs of the tea, right?), what came out of me?  O.M.G…..

Note: Do NOT buy Te Divina Detox Tea on Amazon or eBay.  Fraudulent fakes have been made, with inferior (and unknown/questionable) ingredients from places like China.  Do not be fooled by the cheaper price – it’s strictly against the manufacturer’s policy to be sold this way –  therefore, they are most likely FAKE.

The Most Important Thing to Know?

Drink water.

Lots of water.

At least 3 litres of water a day.

This helps to flush your system and remove the toxins faster.

I also recommend dry skin brushing to help remove the toxins.

This Tea Changes Lives…!

This tea is life-changing! And has helped me with my fibromyalgia and CFS symptoms hugely, as well as weight loss.

Not only has it changed my life (well, it hasn’t waved a magic wand on my quickly disintegrating neck, but that’s another story), I was part of a trial Te Divina Detox Tea group  was called T30, a 30 day challenge and the results coming in were phenomenal!

And here are just a few (and yes, I received permission to share) testimonials that relates to fibro/IBS/pain… ps The Enteapreneurs was the group running the challenge (hence the watermarking of T-30 and Enteapreneurs).

(I know these testimonials aren’t easy to read – you can read easier to read ones here).

*Individual results may vary

Te Divina success for fibro/IBS

Te Divina success for fibro/IBS

Te Divina success for fibromyalgia, bursitis, IBS

Te Divina success for fibromyalgia, bursitis, IBS

This is the picture that blew my mind (on the left)…no, it’s not photoshopped! Just 2 weeks on the tea and look at the difference in my friend’s sister’s tummy!

Te Divina, 2 week result

Te Divina, 2 week result!


Conclusion – a Solid 4.5*

I fully believe that we need to detox,  and I am certainly not alone – as many functional health experts and naturopaths encourage detoxing as well.

When I see testimonials such as the above rolling in?  It just says to me that Te Divina Detox Tea works.  And on many different health issues.

Te Divina Detox Tea goes far beyond any other detox out there, and can be used as ongoing preventative health care as well.

You can buy the tea here and register to get the FREE Exclusive Support Package on that page.

Accessing the support pack is something I highly encourage, as everyone is different and their experiences of detoxing will vary.

Having support is important whilst you go on your ‘tea journey’.

I would have given the tea a 5* rating if it hadn’t been for the lack of support – but it’s great getting the support elsewhere, from people in the know.

Plus, a completely different, more powerful (yet still gentle!), way of making the tea (that’s not readily available to find online), can only be accessed through the support package and group.

Buy Te Divina Detox Tea Here!

Buy Te Divina Detox Tea By Clicking the Banner

So there you have it!

This tea really is helping many people (myself included), with their health as well as with symptoms they’re struggling with from fibromyalgia and CFS.

I hope that this honest Te Divina Detox Tea review has been helpful for you – the tea has sure been helpful for me – and thousands of other people, too!


  1. I will like to tray because if these tea works on me, I’ll buy for the whole family we’re four and I need help with them,did you have a good price for a pack for four let me know, thank you for the information.

    1. Author

      Hi Carmen!

      Firstly, this tea really is amazing – well, it has changed my life and thousands of others, obviously, individual results vary.

      The tea is only sold in a 6 pack of sachets, because 1 sachet lasts 1 week, and at least 4-6 weeks is the amount of time you should give the tea to really see results (although many people find they will experience things within the week, such as better sleep, better digestion, weight loss, blood sugar may start to stabilize etc).

      In saying that, 6 weeks x 4 people would be $240….so…how would you like 18 weeks….for $120? That would be a month for each of you, plus 2 to spare.

      And, if you like it and want to continue (I have been using it for almost a year now, with a few breaks here and there), then you can get 6 weeks for $40 instead of $60, (plus other products including the coffee infused with ganoderma (and apparently tastes gorgeous), that is going to be released shortly).

      If this sounds of interest, please email hello@feelgreatnow.co (that is correct -it isn’t .com :)).

      Have a great day!


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